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Here is a nice tunic we had in earlier in the year,


Panzer officer’s M36 tunic with pink piped major's shoulder boards, featuring metal numeral 35's on each strap for Panzer Regiment 35.Bullion wire officers breast eagle is hand stitched to the tunic.Pink piped collar tabs are machine stitched to the dark green collar. All buttons are present and still retain their original field gray paint and are maker stamped 'Extra Fein'. Inside of tunic is lined in high quality rayon, with dagger strap which is stamped 'A' D.R.G.M. Makers label 'Des Herrenschneider Handwerks Gutezeichen' to inside collar. Complete with EK2 ribbon through second button hole. Left breast pocket features three sets of original award loops and a set above the pocket. The right breast pocket has one set of original awards loops for the German Cross. Left cuff has one small hole approximately 15mm square otherwise excellent condition. I have researched German Cross winners from Panzer regiment 35 who held the rank of Major and held the same configuration of awards.I have managed to narrow it down to three possible officers, all were commanders of Panzer regiment 35 and all were recipients of the Knights Cross with Oakleaves. Whilst I cannot prove this tunic belonged to one of these officers it is certainly possible.Here are Wikipedia links to the three officers.












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