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Something different
a 1914 silver 1 RUPEE Piece ,
turned into an I.D Tag,
by one No 8682 L.S TAYLOR R.N.A.S
the first photo shows the front of a similar coin
the second shows how its been drilled and worked into an I.D tag,
the 3rd photo shows his service docs
marked at the right number,
the 4th shows a typical street in Leeds Yorkshire where
Lawrence Shelton Taylor was possibly born into on the 9th of June 1887
his occupation was listed as a Telegraphist
he joined on the 8th of October 1915,
which made him 28
H M S PRESIDENT 11 WAS Stone frigate in London. An accounting base as sailors have to be assigned somewhere when They were awaiting the next Draft between ships.
another soul remembered ...........





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Hello Sommewalker,
Really interested in this post as Lawrence Shelton Taylor was my grandfather. His daughter Barbara Hall(nee Taylor) is still alive aged 96. Lawrence died in 1964. We would be interested in finding out how he dog tag reached you, and maybe we would like to buy it from you if you still have it. 
There is a photo of him here, in his Marconi telegrapher's uniform, shortly before WW1,


and another during the siege of Mesopotamia, somewhere near Basra 1916                                                            Lawrence-in-Mesopotania.jpg

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Hello jez

thanks for  the images of your grandfather,

you asked how the dog tag reached me, 

well its a long story   after ww1  those that survived  often  just threw their dog tags and medals etc  in a drawer , and often their uniforms too, some even burnt their uniforms ,   or they chucked them away ,  those that kept them in families more often than not sold them , or familys died out and they were found in house clearances , the same went for families that lost people ,  and  today some  people  see their families treasures as cash only,which is sad, in a way,

but in another way  not sad as they get sold onto collectors who like me try to keep memories alive  ,

unfortunately i dont have the tag any more  ,sorry,

and  no offence to you  but i dont enter into conversations with people i dont know,  through emails or other means ,

any communications take place through messages ,






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Hi Peter,

Absolutely no offence taken and sorry to come back to you after so long. I happened to do a google search on him today and this post popped up... i hadn't seen your prompt reply.
Lawrence died whilst my mother was living in Africa, so she couldn't go to the funeral or sort out his things... which i guess were house cleared then as you say.
Because its about memories, here is another of him... this time when he was navigating submarine hunting flying boats out of the Scilly Isles a little later in the war.

And his wife, my grandmother was also a character.

Though we don't have uniform pictures, we do have her tag. This time on a French Franc



She served in France (Queen Mary's Army Auxiliary Corps), attached to the Royal artillery, as a driver on the western front, and then in a German officers POW camp.

They met after the war.

Anyway, hope its of interest to some here,  and appreciate you putting out the info in the first place.

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Hi Jez, Peter has not posted on the forum in a while but hopefully he will see this. Thanks for sharing the further information about your family, always great to see the people behind these artifacts.   

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