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Captured Allied tanks used by the Wehrmacht

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Another excellent Mark Felton Production, Task Force Baum - Patton's Insane Rescue Mission 1945 as mentioned in the previous video.  


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Patton is the General who slapped the wounded/sick soldier's face. I think this sort of behaviour is not acceptable and disqualifies him. This sort of behaviour would never have been tolerated in the Wehrmacht.
He also has a visual similarity to Donald Trump.

Life of General Patton in 50 PicturesUS-Repräsentantenhaus eröffnet Amtsenthebungsverfahren gegen Trump ...

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Yes that's the first thing I thought too, when I looked at the video, had never thought about that before. Apparently some people in the US think he is the reincarnation of Patton because Patton died in 1945 and Trump was born in 1946. They certainly do look similar to each other and have the same characteristics.    

Patton Trump3 (1).JPG

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On 19/01/2020 at 14:32, Gildwiller1918 said:

Captured French Char 2C FCM Heavy Tanks.




Now that's a monster of a tank.Thanks for posting. Always been impressed on a visual level by the Char B1 as a young lad into WW2. It was that massive cannon & the fact it had 2 guns that did it for me. Still grabs me now.


Photo source Wikipedia 

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