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Captured Allied tanks used by the Wehrmacht

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This page just really hurts my head.... great photos but really is like 'wait that isn't right'



On the other hand, so glad to see doesn't matter what tank a German Tank Commander has, he is always hanging out the top hatch!

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It was not uncommon for the Germans to use other countries vehicles and equipment. They suffered from shortages, so it made sense to use the resources available. It probably played hell with logistics though. 

First picture is a captured US Stuart Light tank, most likely in North Africa. The second is a British Churchill tank, location unknown. Third is the Soviet T-34. 




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That is quite well known. Also captured uniforms were re-issued. They were either re-tailored, such as Dutch uniforms, as they were a greygreen colour, British battledress suits were popular with U-Boat crews, some of these uniforms were also reproduced for that purpose. French uniforms were issued to RAD and Organisation Todt, etc. Likewise with various steel helmets being issued to auxiliary forces.

A lot of French light assault tanks were issued to second line units, such as occupation forces, but their potential was limited, as they were already out of date by 1940.   The Sherman was not too popular, even with US forces, as the frontal armour could be easily pierced by the right calibres, and they were notorious for going up in flames almost right away. The Russian T-34s had a good reputation, only their turrets had to be manually turned - too slow, and the Russians did not fit them with a radio system, so therefore, they needed some alterations and adaptation.


U-Boot crew were often issued with the British style uniform, jacket and trousers, more likely the denim type.
Photo example. Usually fitted with shoulder insignia for the officers and NCOs


Another example, centre. The man to the right is wearing the so-called "Lederpäckchen" of German production,
as protection against cold and heavy weather.


"Beutepanzer", Place de la Concorde. Musicians in the foreground


Parade of Panzer troops in Paris using captured French light tanks. Hotchkis or Renault?


Paris, after 25. August 1944


Schick à la parisiènne

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The second photo of the troops in Paris, those look like the Souma S35 tanks. The last two appear to be the Renault F35. Nice looking Parisian as well!

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I think the Churchill was captured from Dieppe 


After the failure of Canadian landing in Dieppe  on 22 August 1942, Germans captured 29 Churchills. 
Only two Churchill with 57mm gun were repaired and used by Pz.Kp.81 and were later incorporated into the II.Abt./Pz.Rgt.100.

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Well I understand, why throw away something you can use. If the tank is serviceable or slightly damaged, it could be an asset, or be used to find out its weaknesses. 

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