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WW1 GERMAN/PRUSSIAN DOG TAG .......................


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WW1 Prussian / German, I.D TAG

it was issued to a soldier from the 24th Infantry Regiment which was stationed in Neuruppin. The owner of the dog tag was Wilhelm Kunicke, from Lindwerder, Kreis Bemeuchen,
I believe looking at the date he was 44,
I know there is controversy over dating ww1 dog tags ,
but I have found a site that I believe will help people to identify the real ones from ww2 ones and fakes ,
I do have a later one but this is my first early one,
I do have a U.S navy one with thumb print as well
good hunting people ................................



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This is from Ersatz-Bataillon, Landwehr-Infanterie-Regt. 24 - L.J.R.24, 2nd Kompanie, personal list number = 2816

year of enlistment 1917,

date of birth: 22.Sept.1870 (47)

Later transferred to L.I.R.24, 11th Kompanie (III. Bataillon)


Lindwerder bei Berneuchen ( PL = Lakomin / Barnowko) is now in Poland, Landkreis Landsberg

These tags were always worn in pairs, the other one slightly smaller, with just name, number and date. This example looks like a ground-dug piece? Finds of dogtags must be reported to the Kriegsgräberfürsorge or other local authorities.


Hauptreserve (und Festung) Königsberg

11 Bataillone, 3 MG-Kompanien, 6 Eskadrons, 3 schw. Batterien, 6 Feldartillerie Batterien, 1 Pionier-Kompanie Ersatz-Infanterie-Brigade Königsberg 9. Landwehr-Infanterie-Brigade 3. Ersatz Maschinengewehr-Kompanie Ersatz Feldartillerie-Regiment Ersatz-Infanterie-Regiment Königsberg 1 Landwehr-Infanterie-Regiment Nr. 24 Reserve-Dragoner-Regiment Nr. 1 Feldartillerie Ersatz Abteilung Nr. 1 Ersatz-Infanterie-Regiment Königsberg 2 Landwehr-Infanterie-Regiment Nr. 48 Ersatz-Kavallerie-Regiment I.AK Feldartillerie Ersatz Abteilung Nr. 37 4. Kompanie Pionier-Bataillon Nr. 1 ½ II. Bataillon Reserve-Fußartillerie-Regiment Nr. 1 1 Batterie Reserve-Fußartillerie-Regiment Nr.4 (10 cm) Feldartillerie Ersatz Abteilung Nr. 52


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