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Some people may or not have heard of lieutenant Bruce bairnsfather of ,

the Royal Warwickshire Regiment in ww1,

and his now famous character "old bill ",

well bill,( Charles Bruce bairnsfather),

was a lieutenant in charge of a machine gun unit in France in 1914-15

and I have been to where the dug out in France was that he penned some of his most famous,


which is just round the corner from another famous place ,

where the Christmas truce football match etc was partly played out in 1914,

as seen by the photos I took ,

also I've included a photo of 1 set that W.Britains have released,

as part of their range this year which are beautifully made and decorated items ,

the book was published in 1931 ,

in America as part of the lecture tour of America that Bruce undertook,

it came in 2 variety's,

1 signed by him,

and 2 a volume that had an original pencil cartoon added by him,

the first volume came on sale at $3.00,

the second was partly leather bound with 8 more cartoons in it ,

and came out at a whopping $10.00,

and could only be purchased from the publishers,

there were numerous other items from post cards to tea pots etc that also carried his cartoons,

originally published by the bystander magazine at the strand in London,

I have tried to confine this post to the book as it would take ,

many posts to explore his genius,


I have included a photo of the office block as it is today...................................












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his drawings were great ,I've had quite a few of his pieces over the years :)

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