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On 20/08/2014 at 22:24, leon21 said:

Here's 3 photo's of Helene Mayer 1910 - 1963 said to be the Greatest Swordswoman Germany ever produced.


Her Record


( 1924 ) aged 14, Mayer is German - Jungenmeistrin and German Vice-Champion at adults in foil.

( 1925 - 1930 ) Mayer is German Champion in foil fencing 5 times in a row.

( 1928 ) aged 18 wins the gold medal in foil fencing at the Olympic Games in Amsterdam.

( 1929 ) is European Champion in foil fencing in Naples.

( 1931 ) is European Champion in foil fencing in Vienna.

( 1932 ) came 5th at Olympic Games in Los Angeles, her poor performance was said to be the result of losing her boyfriend

a soldier in the German Army who was killed.

( 1936 ) Mayer wins a silver medal at the Olympic Games in Berlin.


After the award ceremony it's said that Heydrich Reinhard said to her she would lose her medal because she was half Jewish,

she later went to Los Angeles were she remained until 1953 when she returned to Germany.post-3823-0-45810000-1408566033_thumb.jpgpost-3823-0-85890100-1408566060_thumb.jpgpost-3823-0-83777300-1408566095_thumb.jpg

Helene Mayer, half Jewish? Reinhard Heydrich höchstpersönlich was known (?) to have a Jewish maternal grandmother.
As Hermann Göring once or more said: "Wer Jude ist, bestimmen wir!" - "We decide who is Jewish". Generalfeldmarschall Erhart Milch also had some Jewish ancestry. Nobody complained, etc., etc. There were quite a few in the Wehrmacht (Stabsfeldwebel Israel, etc.). But in the Wehrmacht, one was normally safe.

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Repro photo by Studio Mercedes Riedel of a HJ member, presumably from Wandsbek. Wearing winter uniform blouse, rank of Rottenführer, unit number not visible (417-420 / ?)

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Luftwaffen Helfer (above) often to Flak assistants, worn on a special uniform of bluegrey LW cloth
below: Luftwaffen-Helferinnen, arm patch, worn by female Nachrichtenhelferinnen and Stabshelferinnen


Armband worn by female Flak crews


A sidecap like this, but with light blue piping was worn by the Flieger-HJ

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