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More Captured Aircraft used by KG 200


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Here's some of the captured aircraft later used by the Luftwaffe's most secret service KG 200.


( 1 ) B17f-42-30336 landed in a field at Norholm Estate near Varde Denmark on 9.10.1943 after developing engine trouble, the

crew baled out and the pilot landed the plane. The Germans captured the plane and later test pilot Hans-Werner Lerche

flew the plane out of the field to Esbjerg Airfield. It was then flown on to Rechlin for evaluation, it was given the code 7+8

and is known to have been flown until Dec 1944.


( 2 ) P47 d2-42-22490 The pilot confused a French airfield with one in southern England and landed at Caen in Nov !943. The

aircraft was captured and flown to Rechlin after receiving a thorough overhaul it was given the code T9+FK and used by

KG 200 unit ( Wanderzirkus Rosarius ).post-3823-0-10872300-1371750423_thumb.jpgpost-3823-0-18844800-1371750450_thumb.jpgpost-3823-0-98344800-1371750483_thumb.jpgpost-3823-0-53679000-1371750533_thumb.jpg

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Special unit of the Luftwaffe also known as Wanderzirkus Rosarius was formed by Theodor Rosarius in 1943 and was part of

the 2/Versuchsverband OKL. It was in charge of testing British and American aircraft which were repainted in German markings

and the captured Allied fighters were ferried from airfield to airfield to train Luftwaffe pilots on combat technigues against certain

types of Allied fighters. Heavy bombers found their way to another unit of KG 200 for various "Black Operations" mostly behind

enemy lines.


Here's a few more pictures showing the Luftwaffe call-signs.


Lockheed P38 -L 44-23725 given call-sign T9+MK.

Lockheed P38 -G .............. given call-sign T9+XB this call-sign was also given to a De Havaland Mosquito 1V -B.

Hawker Typhoon 1a...ex SA-1 486 ( NZ ) Sqd given call-sign T9+GK.

Supermarine Spitfire could be ex MK 698 given call-sign T9+EK or ex MB 945 given call sign T9+BB.post-3823-0-67657800-1371896792_thumb.jpgpost-3823-0-18689700-1371896823_thumb.jpgpost-3823-0-45944200-1371896854_thumb.jpgpost-3823-0-08359600-1371896878_thumb.jpg

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Other aircraft flown by KG200 pilots.


British Planes.


Wellingtons, Stirlings, Spitfires, Mosquitoes, Beaufighters.


American Planes.


B-17s ( Flying Fortresses ), B-24s ( Liberators ), P-51 Mustangs, Lockheed P-38 ( Lightnings ). Lockheed Hudsons.

Douglas DC-3s


Soviet Planes.


Tupolev Bombers, Petlyakov PE-2s, Polikarpov I-16s.


German Planes.


FW-200, JU-88, JU-188, JU-252, JU-290, HE-111, Fieseler Storch, DO-24, HE-115, JU-352, AR-196, AR-232.



KG200 Special Bases.


( Germany ) Burg ( Mistel Base ), Parchim ( Experimental Base ), Zairfields ( Mistel Base ).


( France ) St Dizier ( Mistel Base ).


( Denmark ) Tirstrup ( Mistel Training Base )


( Norway ) Stavanger-Sola ( Mistel Base ).


( Poland ) Danzig-Hexengrund ( Torpedo Training Base ).

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Here's a photo of Werner Baumbach who was a Luftwaffe bomber pilot with KG30 during WW2.

He was born 27 Dec 1916 in Cloppenburg Lower Saxony.

In 1942 Hauptmann Baumbach a highly decorated pilot was removed from front line service and started working on new

bomber designs, he helped to design the composite bomber system "Mistel". And in 1944 was given Command of KG200

and was in charge of all Luftwaffe special missons and held the rank of Oberst.Leutnant.


The fighter-bomber conversion combo was test flown in July 1943 and completed by Oct 43, at which point the warhead

was finalized and in 1944 a new bomber unit was formed to use this deadly combination II/KG201.


Werner Baumbach survived the war and after serving 3 years as a POW moved to Argentina as a test pilot, he died 20 Oct

1953 test flying a plane when it crashed in La Plata Argentina.


Below are some photo's of "Mistel" bombers.


Pic 1. of Werner Baumbach.


Pic 2. of a captured fleet of Mistel bombers in France.


Pic 3 and 4 a Mistel bomber being camouflaged.


Pic 5. American soldiers inspecting a captured Mistel.post-3823-0-28050900-1434305447_thumb.jpgpost-3823-0-65399600-1434305476_thumb.jpgpost-3823-0-25380000-1434305497_thumb.jpgpost-3823-0-58335600-1434305513_thumb.jpgpost-3823-0-08583500-1434305528_thumb.jpg

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All of the above-mentioned allied planes, which had been captured and given German markings, appeared at some time on the airfield at Tulln-Langenlebarn of Luftkriegsschule 7. More can be seen under that internet home page of Dr.mag. Hubert Prigl (Vienna). He also has the original photos to cover this. Many of these planes were there in Summer 1944.

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