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Weimar Navy


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Here is a brass buckle from the Weimar Navy, the German 100,000 strong Army as per the treaty of versailles. This buckle has had a repair to the catch at some point



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Whilst we are doing Weimar I will add this very nice nickel army buckle by Assmann, note that someone has embossed the leather tab with what looks like a screw head, probably a unit marker or stores marker of some point, for me a very nice touch. It is also marked 9 Komp in ink





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"Weimar" was not the official name of the state. The constitution had been written in Weimar in 1920, therefore this period being known as such. The state was still known as "Deutsches Reich", from November 1918 till 1934,which however, was governed as a republic on a federal basis, thereafter same title, but change of system.

The navy of this period was officially titled: Reichsmarine.

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