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Oiling Blades


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I was given a Ceremonial Kukri by some Nepalese friends. A thing of great beauty.


Obviously it was well cared for by the previous owner and the blade came well oiled. But it's starting to wear off. My question is what sort of oil should you use? Is it just wd40? A couple of skooshes on either side and a wipe down with a rag? Would cooking oil work?


Never having owned an edged weapon before I am slightly lost.

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OK, rule one... DO NOT use WD40... it is alright but can cause damage to any nickel plating and also is just cheap crap for quality blades.


Second rule, DO NOT EVER take brillo to a blade or anything else abrasive to remove rust (I know you never mentioned this but it is a common mistake).


No on to what you can use....


I use Gun Grease. It is a petrol based grease that you may rub on with a cloth and lasts forever as a very protective coat from humidity and dampness (yay Scotland!). You also may use many rifle and high quality sword oils. Many online gun shops for the UK and US have this stuff. RIG greese (Rust inhibiting Grease) is what most US collctors use, cheap and easy to get there.


PM me if you need to know places to source it from.

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I guess a wipe with oil / grease would be OK, but dont overdo it. Personally I use a good wax such as Renaissance wax, less messy, doesn't attract the dust so much either.

Incidentally, after the New Orleans floods they rescued some antique weapons from museums which had been flooded. Those preserved in wax had fared a whole lot better than those in oil.

Don't let people wipe their sticky little mitts all over blades, (A little South American Indian blow pipe poison along the edge often proves a useful deterrent - " Is it sharp ?", "Do try, my friend". :rolleyes::D

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Militaries often use Cosmoline, this is a thick black tar-like wax that has a low melting point. It is sold in huge tubs and anything metal they drop in it to protect it from rust. You often find unissued No4 MkII spike bayonets in it. stuff is a mess and unless you are shipping stuff to long time store in the jungle or other high humidity place I would hazard against it.

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