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Pz 5 Rgt a brief history.


It's said it was the earliest Pz Rgt formed, it was part of 3rd Pz Division,and saw action in the invation of Czechoslovakia - Poland

and France. In Jan 1941 it was formed into the 5th lightweight Division by taking units from 3rd Pz Div which included the following

3rd armoured brigade, 3rd reconnaissance battalion ( motorized ), panzerjager-abteilung 39,and 1/artillery rgt 75.

Following the transfer of the new division to Tripoli in Feb 1941, the division was to secure the incoming sea transport east of

Tripoli. During the unloading a fire broke out in the hold of the ship and a large number of the 5th Rgt tanks were distroyed leaving

the division understrength. In march the division started it's forays in to the desert.

It was joined by 15th Pz Division in Apr, by which time 5th light Division was back to full strength. On ist August 1941 the 5th Light

Division was renamed the 21st Pz Division.


Below are some photo's you may find interesting.


Pic 1 D.A.K. troops on parade in Tripoli.

Pic 2 Tank parade.

Pic 3 Motorcycle parade ( old 3rd Pz Div emblem still on front of 2nd motorcycle).

pic 4 Tank also still showing 2nd pattern 3rd Pz Div emblem.

Pic 5 Halftrack with ( B ) for 21st Pz Div symbol below is for light gun battery 3.

Pic 6 Motorcycle showing symbols for light gun battery 1, 21st Pz Div ( also symbol on sidecar mudguard is for motorized infantry).

Pic 7 Motorcycle showing symbols for motorcycle messenger platoon ( 15th Pz Div). Motorcycle in El. Alamein museum.post-3823-0-04783000-1351547844_thumb.jpgpost-3823-0-42402400-1351547947_thumb.jpgpost-3823-0-88739400-1351548008_thumb.jpgpost-3823-0-30091900-1351548039_thumb.jpgpost-3823-0-00203800-1351548072_thumb.jpgpost-3823-0-66134400-1351548101_thumb.jpgpost-3823-0-95636200-1351548120_thumb.jpg

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Here are a few more photo's.


pic 1. A line of Pz Kpfw 111s on the road to the front, the number markings are for 5th Komp - 5th Rgt - 5th Leichte Division.


pic 2. here we can see the numbers 801, the first number of the 3 digit system relates to the Komp, the 01 to the commander.


pic3. A Pz 1V Ausf d of Pz 15 Division. the first number relates again to Komp, the second to platoon, the third to individual tank,

so we have tank 2/ platoon1/ 8th Komp.

pic 4. A Sd Kfz. 251 of 5th Komp/ 1st platton/ 9th Vehicle, symbols on front is for Motorized Infantry, 8th Panzer Division.


pic. 5 A Kfz 69 Anti-Aircraft Platoon, there would have been 4 of these in 5th Leichte Division.


The 3 digit number system was later change, due to the British breaking the digit code and targeting the tank commanders first

5th Leichte Division went to a two numbered system, and 15th panzer Division went to a single number system again related

to the Komp.post-3823-0-93127800-1353685355_thumb.jpgpost-3823-0-04625700-1353685384_thumb.jpgpost-3823-0-20274900-1353685413_thumb.pngpost-3823-0-71287000-1353685479_thumb.jpg


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Heres a couple more.


Pic 1. British soldiers take cover behind a knocked out Pz tank of 2nd kompany 15th Pz Div.


Pic 2. Staff flag of 2nd kompany 21st Pz Div.post-3823-0-69526900-1355084459_thumb.jpgpost-3823-0-80136500-1355084524_thumb.jpg

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