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Daily Mail War Film DVDs

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Sorry this is a bit late. The Daily Mail newspaper is giving away free DVDs of war films this week. You can collect the discs at WH Smith or Tesco. A few classics and 80's efforts.

Otherwise it's a sh@t paper. :P

Aren't they all? No you reply! The Sport is excellent. I wonder what DVDs they will give away? :lol:


Dave. ;)

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The Daily Mail has had some great offers in the last year.


The World At War

World War One


and now the war films. I have been collecting them religiously all week. It was Aces High today.


And there is nothing wrong with a good old fashioned right wing newspaper :P :P

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My Diane buys the Daily Wail for the Finance sections as she says they are easier to understand than in other papers. Therefore I have to suffer the other collections such as Danielle Steele, Barbara taylor Bradford and Catherine Cookson.

My WW1 DVDs and the accompanying book got "lost in the post" as I had to collect the tokens. :angry:


The Wail does have an interesting section where questions posed by readers are answered by other readers. There are a lot of historical and military topics covered eg post war use of the Staghound armoured car.

There are fairly frequent historical/military articles some written by Max Hastings.

A recent article covered the post war rise of the British Fasists in the East End of London. Unbelievably in the late 40's the BUF started meetings and marches in black uniforms, giving the straight arm salute and calling for the death of Jews.

These meetings were violently broken up by Jewish groups led by ex-servicemen who took pro active action against the BUF who faded out in 1950.


We have to remember the Daily Wail supported the BUF in the 30's. "Hurrah for the Blackshirts!" :huh:


"Hurrah for the Babes in Uniform" I say. :rolleyes::lol:

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Maybe if the immigrants had to watch the Catherine Cookson cds they'd go home! :D


Back up withe the Danielle Steeles :P


Quick answer - elect a goverment that will not give them ( and their extended families) hand outs and houses.

Like France, Italy, Spain, etc ,etc



Dave :lol:

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Spot on Dave about the mail supporting Mosely.People trivialise Mosely and his thugs.They were evil men.Lets not forget that.


That's a touch harsh. I tend to look at them as slightly misguided but with their hearts in the right place.

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I thought this was about DVD's :o anyway I got return from the river Kwai , never seen it before ,I've heard it's not very good but will probably watch it at the weekend, gotta be worth 50p :D

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It's great what forum topics can lead on to. You never know. :P


I saw one of the BUF tunics in the IWM. A right kinky black double breasted effort. Really Gay! :lol:


Not at all manly - unlike the panzerjacke! :lol:


Dave. :rolleyes:

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Yea iu collected to coupons from the papers and sent away for a colecction of classic war movies pretty good !

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