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kenny andrew

Forum Rules

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Forum Rules as follows

1) This is a friendly forum so there will be no abusive behaviour tolerated , no offensive or racist postings or political arguments.

2) There will be no discussion of Militaria dealers whither good or bad.We feel it is unfair to make comments about dealers when they are not in a position to defend themselves.

3) There will be no linking to or mentioning commercial websites.We feel this is only fair as they will not be returning traffic to us, this forum is free for members to use and is paid for entirely by the Treasure Bunker, it is designed so you can interact with members of the Treasure Bunker, share information and use as a data base.We do however encourage linking to informative ,historical and non commercial sites.


4) The selling of items on the forum is not allowed, however for a £10 annual subscription you can become a Gold Member this will allow you to sell your own items in the Classifieds Forum free of charge for one year.This will be limited to ten items at any one time.To become a Gold member please use the subscriptions tab at the top of the forum.

These rules are in place to make sure everyone has a pleasant time and your co-operation is appreciated.

Classifieds Forum

please take time to read the following disclaimer before proceeding to use the classifieds forum.

All transactions between members of the forum are at forum members own risk.The Treasure Bunker will not be liable for any transactions between members which result in fraud or any other aspects of the transaction which prove to be unsatisfactory to the buyer or seller.

Please proceed using your common sense ,if you do not know a member make sure you pay by credit card, pay-pal or some other method which will offer you protection.Do not send cash or cheques unless you are familiar with the seller.

Treasure Bunker Ltd does not certify the originality of any items sold by members. However members who sell copies as originals or are fraudulent in any way will be banned if the matter is not resolved.

Sellers must allow a seven day inspection period and if the buyer is not happy with the item they must be allowed to give notice they will be returning it within the seven day period, in the same condition as received for a full refund.


A limit of ten items at any one time per member.

Adverts for commercial websites will not be allowed, the classifieds forum is purely for private individual members.

It is also not allowed to sell items on behalf of a third party. 

Use your common sense and enjoy buying and selling on the forum if you have any problems please contact a moderator.

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