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Control Commission for Germany Photos

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These are some of the photos for post war Germany, from the 2nd album I got.

they were taken in the British Zone around Hamburg area I think most are from

1949 just after the German Federal Republic was formed.


1st pic shows Sir Brian Robertson, from 1945 was deputy Military Governor and

from 1947, was the Military Governor and British member of the Allied Control

Council for Germany.

He became High Commissioner from 21 Sept 1949 to 24 June 1950, he then went on

to be Commander-in-Chief of Middle East land forces, and Governor of the Suez-

Canal Zone, he retired in 1953.


2nd pic shows John McCloy High Commissioner American Zone From 2 sept 1949 to

1 August 1952.


3rd pic High Commission escort.

4th pic Hamburg Unit 1949.







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Like the german wearing the old Nazi Shako :)

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