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Anybody any idea which service would wear this armband?.

The armband is for Argus Aircraft Engine Manufacturer who made low powered engines, for aircraft like the

Fieseler F1-156 ( Storch ) - the Focke-wulf Fw-56 (Stosser ) as well as a dozen more types of aircraft.

The most Famous engine it made was the Argus AS 014 Pulse Jet Engine used on the V-1 Flying bomb of

which 31,100 were built.

The Luftschutz emblem on the armband is associated with the Security and Assistance Service,- the Air Raid

Warning Service,- the Fire Protection Service ect. I don't think it would be worn by a Factory Guard.


Any help would be appreciated.


Photo 1 shows 3 members of a factory protection unit at Junkers factory at Dessau. The man on the right of

the photo has a Junkers emblem on his left hand collar.




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Have you tried the burn test on the thread Leon? Lots of questions about these factory items , seems allot of it has started to appear recently such as Luftschutz helmets with every factory decal you can think of.

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Yes Kenny, it passed the burn test. Iv'e searched the net for information but have found litte or none on

the armband itself only the Argus Manufacturer, and iv'e only seen one other and that was on a German

website which had been sold. Could it be one of the more obscure types of armband?.

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Hard to say I've never seen one before either , if they were from one factory there probably were not that many made.So if it's real it's probably quite desirable.


My gut feeling is more likely to be bad than good.



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Okay thanks Kenny, I'll have to do more research on this one. ;)

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