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By the time I was finished, the only figures used from these initial layout experiments were; Conan, Doom, the Ninja and the Dragon. (The "Roland" and the "Valkyrie" figures are being reserved for a different scenario).

I'll make time to post some snaps of the completed diorama sometime later today, together with details of the featured miniatures.




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Great figures - keep up the good work! I loved CtB!

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I decided to give the underside of the rotary base a lick of varnish to improve the overall finish. Here’s the base out on the patio supported by my sooper-dooper painting jig while the varnish was drying. Just as well I pinned the figures and fixed them in place with hi-strength 5-minute epoxy….and just as well I’m not of a nervous disposition..!!

I had to do this outside cos the varnish stank to high heaven. I reckon it’s secondary purpose must be to clear blocked drains or something.



So, here's what I penultimately ended up with....




....only the Iceni Queen really didn't work as a Hyborian Lassie, so I had a rethink about the featured figures and layout.



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And this is the finished diorama.




Conan - 75mm figure from Pegaso

Doom - 75mm figure from Pegaso

Ninja - 75mm figure from Pegaso

2 x Picinean Warriors (the guys with the feather horned helmets) - 75mm figures from Tartar Miniatures

Italic Warrior (the guy in the purple frock at the left-hand-side) - 75mm figure from Tartar Miniatures

Valeria - the Lady sitting on the rocks at the right-hand-side - 54mm figure from Draconia Miniatures

Wolves - 2 x from Aeroart and 1 x from Andrea Miniatures

Dragon - from McFarlane

Belit - the Lady standing behind the "Well of Souls" at the left-hand-side - this was an old Reaper Miniatures figure that had been kicking around in my spares box for several years. She's been converted from the original and been given a chainmail bra - which my Missus says is completely unfeasible....although how she would know kind of escapes me....for the moment....


Hope you like



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