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  1. Picked this up a while ago as it was a bargain.(I don't collect WW2 grenades WW1 is my thing on the grenade front) but I suppose every grenade collector should have one. Anyway here's a Mk 2 Grenade also know as a Pineapple grenade. It was manufactured by the American Fireworks Co Ltd. I don't know who manufactured the fuse.If anyone can enlighten me? There's plenty of info stamped on top of it. All I know is that the fuse is a mid war manufactured M10A2. The grenade body retains traces of its original olive drab over yellow paint .HE Mk2s were originally painted yellow which really made them stand out but from around 1943 they were over painted with olive drab to make them less visible. They did however retain a thin yellow band at the 'neck' to Identify them as H E grenades. Remained in use as late as 1969 by the use navy. I have previously disassembled the grenade but I'm reluctant to do so again as the pin is old & I don't want to risk breaking the ends off by straightening them & then splaying them again. Anyone know what G stands for?
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