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Found 5 results

  1. Greetings! I am honour to me a qualified member of this forum. Here's a brief self-introduction so that we can know each other and make friends. Gerd Wiesler is a name from a movie, not my real name. I am from Beijing, China, and I mainly concentrated on RN, KM, BM and VM. There's not a lot of people playing this in China, actually. I am a law student so maybe I could luckily meet some European law students too. Recently I am working on Volksmarine uniform and I will manage to upload some pictures of them. Thanks for reading!
  2. This advert is COMPLETED!

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    Scare German brass ships clock made by Kieninger & Obergfell. Also used on U boats, featuring a closed front hinged water tight glass door. Clock dials with painted numbers and eagle and swastika with serial number N9322. Brass in good condition with no dents. Serial number to reverse. Locking/Winding key is unfortunately missing.


    - GB

  3. Hi there guys, purchased my very first German Visor on Sunday night and it arrived yesterday morning. Just got round to taking photos of it. Private purchase Infantry NCO visor. The sweatband inside has been resown but I am not worrying too much about that. Insignia is original to the cap which is always good and a very nice high peak which is my favourite feature. Super makers mark inside along with the owners name. Hope you all like it, Pete
  4. This advert is COMPLETED!

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    Type W246 used on surface ships and U-Boats. 8 day movement. Bakelite mounting with opening glass door face. In working order, key is present. The eagle and swastika marking has been erased beneath the winding mechanism on the clock face. Maker J.UNGHANS.


  5. OK so the story goes like this. A few years ago I and my family went to an owl sanctuary here in Kent as my father had rescued a barn owl and needed advice. The bloke who ran the sanctuary, Derrick, was heavily involved in diving and had been doing it all of his life. In the 60's he was diving for the Royal Navy off of the coast of Folkestone and he came across an anchor, not just any anchor, it was from a 2nd World War German ship... It has sat in the garden of his home since then having only had a coating of paint and some anti-corrosion coatings. Sadly, Derrick passed away a few years ago and his wife decided to sell most of the sanctuary and most of the antiques within their home. I bought a genuine German infantry dagger from her a few years ago, it had sat on the wall since Derrick purchased it many years before and I bought it to stop a dealer buying it to sell on. We have been helping her ever since we met Derrick and my father and mother had been at Derricks funeral also as they had become great friends. We recently asked her about the anchor and she agreed to sell it to us so we could preserve it and stop it also falling into the hands of another dealer who was badly pestering her to buy it. We picked it up today, and we are taking it along to the War and Peace show tomorrow to put on display on a friends stall. I am thinking of restoring it, the name of the ship it was from or the makers is on the anchor but its hard to read right now. The anchor also has Swastikas on it. But, this is 100% authentic and ultimately incredibly rare. I am trying hard to find as much info about the ship as possible as only Derrick himself knew the exact details but he never wrote any of it down. All we know is that it was brought up near Folkestone or Hythe here in Kent during the 1960's. Any help on this would be greatly appreciated so we can help track the ship it is from down. We have reason to believe it is from a Type II U-Boat, U12 to be exact, but Derrick said it was from a cargo ship. No idea.
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