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Found 9 results

  1. Nice example of an M39 I picked up recently. It’s the earlier version a belt ring was added in 1942. It has a Brennzunder Eifer igniting 1939 BZE 39 blue 4.5 delay blue fuze. There we’re red 1 second delay fuses apparently but I’ve never seen one.
  2. Hello everyone. I am from Russia and I am new in this forum. I am looking to buy a German Wehrmacht helmet but i don’t have a much of a knowledge.. well I don’t have at all honestly. so I have some questions first Does M40 helmets cost more or more precious than M35 Helmets or there is no difference? what do you think about re-painted helmets? Personally I have a mixed feelings about them. Looks good but it’s spoils the originality in same time. My last question is; what is the average prices for a m40 or M35 helmets with some rust, without sweetband but all in one peace? I’m finding too many helmets with similar conditions but in very different prices. There must be fake ones also of course. I’m going to upload some helmets of sellers from Russia. Could you advise me about their originality and prices? ( I can add more photos of specific ones) first black one cost 137$ second green one costs 64.5 $ 3th one is 114 $ There is more that costs 25-30$ (They are rusty or there is some big holes ) and repainted ones . I didn't add them because otherwise post will be too long . thank you for the help .
  3. This nice complete M24 base cap landed today with the early war manufactured spring and cardboard disc intact which was a mechanism stop the porcelain ball from rattling around. Also with the WaA Eagle approved inspectors stamp. Also shown is another M24 base cap showing the spring without the cardboard disc.
  4. This landed today. Really chuffed with it. An excellent example of a hard to find piece of ordinance. Hopefully have a deac flash bang in the pipeline to finish it off nicely. Matching head and stick. Ubung training stamp Waffen stamped Correct spring loaded base cap.
  5. I'd like your opinion on this please Gildwiller1918 as you are a bit of a restoration guru it has to be said. So here we have a rare M1939 Training Egg Grenade examples of which are pretty hard to come by. At some stage on its journey its been painted grey after starting out red. However on the plus side it is complete and in relatively good shape. The question is,what would you do with it restoration wise? Not mine by the way but perhaps
  6. Does anyone have any information on WWI German pocket watches such as this one. This watch was purchased in Munich in the 1990s and it is still working.
  7. In this thread we can discuss German cuff titles. Here is one we just got in, mint text book example of Bevo woven Enlisted/NCO mans cuff title for the 18th Freiwilligen Panzer Grenadier Division 'Horst Wessel'. SS-Freiwilligen-Panzergrenadier-Division Horst Wessel was formed around a cadre from 1. SS-Infanterie-Brigade (mot) and included mainly Hungarian Volksdeutsche (ethnic Germans) from the Banat. Elements of the division was used for anti-partisan duties in Croatia during training until June 1944 while the rest was in Hungary where the division took part in the occupation of Hungary. Elements of it fought against the Slovak uprising in September and October 1944 as SS-Kampfgruppe Schäfer but it was not until one month later the division fought as a whole unit for the first time, this was against the Red Army south of Budapest.It later fought in Silesia and Bohemia with the survivors surrendering to Czech and Soviet forces at the end of the war. SS cuff titles are heavily faked, on this title you can see the small line of dots on the reverse, the vast majority of original bevo woven cufftitles will have these edging details.
  8. Hello again! This should be a quick topic. I was wondering if this cap is post ww2 or ww2. It is made by the same people who make the ww2 m43 german cap, but this one is a civil defense fireman cap. Anyone know?
  9. Hello again! I have a hat that has stumped me! It is a m43 cap, post war (i think cause it has a grey sweatband) and has a ww1 Austrian F.J I pin that someone put on the cap. Is there any Austrian unit that may have used this cap, or did someone just put the pin on? Also on the right side of the cap, it looks like there was a patch there. Has there been any occurrences of ww2 German m43 caps being stripped of insignia and "refurbished" and then issued to other armies? I would love some insight on this hat. It's driving me nuts!
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