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  1. Last time I looked at an atlas Germany was still a country and a major player in the EU. Berlin is a German city it is the capital of Germany multicultural and thriving for it would highly recommend it to anyone thinking of visiting.
  2. Important to remember the victims of the crimes against humanity. A very moving place to visit whilst in Berlin.
  3. To the people who earned them they are not worthless.
  4. Like that medal stand where can you get them. Mine are all the clear acrylic ones.
  5. Friedrichstraße Bahnhof at the rear off , got the train back from there last week to the flughaffen. The bronze depicts those children who lived and those who perished.
  6. This is what this station was used for.
  7. mr bridger


    Anhalter as it is today.
  8. Watched many war movies they are what they are produced for the purpose of entertainment. Many may be inaccurate in part but if it gets people interested in past events can only be a good thing. As for the death penalty in the USA it is only in certain states that it is used.
  9. For me it would depend on rarity of the item and price tag, common items I would pass up on.
  10. I thought PPE should be provided by your employers as they have a responsibility for your safety. Same would go for a full risk assessment which would then dictate what PPE should be worn.
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