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  1. Really confusing I have an old spec de-act mg34 with Birmingham proof house very. Had it for years.
  2. 99%of gold CCC are fake, the award itself was rarely awarded. A few genuine lower grade CCC have been reworked in the past to appear gold. You really need provenance that’s solid if you were to purchase one and deep pockets.
  3. Brown shirt now with tie thanks Kenny
  4. Important to remember the victims of the crimes against humanity. A very moving place to visit whilst in Berlin.
  5. Like that medal stand where can you get them. Mine are all the clear acrylic ones.
  6. Friedrichstraße Bahnhof at the rear off , got the train back from there last week to the flughaffen. The bronze depicts those children who lived and those who perished.
  7. This is what this station was used for.
  8. Anhalter as it is today.
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