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    Collecting large calibre artillery fuzes and related items from all periods and all countries.
  1. Happy Birthday AndyD!

  2. Happy Birthday AndyD!

  3. Happy Birthday AndyD!

  4. Happy Birthday AndyD!

  5. Happy Birthday AndyD!

  6. Nowt wrong with Runrig,one of my favourite bands!
  7. The one you show marked,Unidentified British Percussion Fuze, is a plug fuze (I think!) I have a similar one in my collection,the piece with the square hole should unscrew from the main body. Regards, Andy
  8. Hi Bart, I may have more luck identifying your British fuzes! Regards, Andy
  9. Unfortunately,these are a bit early for me. I'll have a look through my books and see what I can find. Regards, Andy
  10. Hi, I have nothing to do with BOCN! I was a member there,but was banned over a year ago. Regards, Andy
  11. I never tried it myself,but I heard that talcum powder dusted over the rubber can help. I don't know how/if it works,but that's the only help I can offer,sorry! Cheers, Andy
  12. Hmmmm,good question! My personal favourite is my No 700 Mk 1,which was used in anti aircraft rockets,I suppose it's rare as it's a drill model used for training. Cheers, Andy
  13. Hi Kenny, Yes I did but ran out of space! Fuzes are much easier to display and I'm fascinated by how they work. Cheers, Andy
  14. Hello Everyone! I'd like to show you all my collection,any questions,just ask! This is my second time as a member of this forum,mainly because I changed my email address and lost my login details! Cheers, Andy
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