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  1. Happy Birthday david f!

  2. Happy Birthday david f!

  3. Happy Birthday david f!

  4. Happy Birthday david f!

  5. Happy Birthday david f!

  6. I would love one of these, but like Macca I know nothing about it and I know that they are heavily faked.
  7. I managed to pick up this group for a song and I thought I would share it with the forum. It was awarded to Gunner D J Troughton from Coventry. Gunner Troughton was awarded the War Medal and the Defence medal.The group came with both boxed medals and award document, Cap badge with rotating wheel,collar dogs,his dog tags and some paperwork. The paperwork consists of his record of service that shows that he served from 15/2/1940 to 05/04/1946. There is also a letter informing Gunner Troughtons next of kin informing them that he is "dangerously ill" in the hospital and the reason is not kno
  8. Seen this on Friday when i was in, and it is stunning in real life.A fantastic set for any dagger collector. The fact that it has remained with the case and the tag shows that the original owner thought very highly of his dagger. I wonder how much a set like this would have been worth when the owner bought it originally?
  9. I agree with Greg.It is a Swiss helmet. I love the look of them as it shows just how far helmet design has come on over the years
  10. Here are a couple of shell casings that we have in the house The big one is a 105mm shell casing dated 1980 on the base. The smaller one is a 20mm shell casing that i put in the picture to show just how big the 105mm casing is.
  11. What a fantastic collection.I would love a couple of deactivated guns,old spec preferably but the Mrs will not allow them in the house,so I am reduced to window shopping
  12. Nice medal.It would look good in a group with the cross without swords and the cross with swords. The knights cross version would be brilliant but they cost a mint!
  13. I love the Mothers Cross set.It is by far my favourite Medal from the Third Reich.Did the picture come with the set, or was it added after? It would look really good ,IMHO ,if you could get a miniature version to go with it.
  14. After trying to see if it could be traced back to the family we hit a dead end pretty quickly. The surname is pretty common in Cyprus,but what it has done is have me looking at Cyprus medals and wondering if it would be worth while branching into them. I have some nice paper items that were brought back that would make a nice display some day.
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