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  1. My Three Uncles

    and a rather understated memorial, i would have left some flowers but nowhere to leave them,perhaps a poppy on 11/11..
  2. My Three Uncles

    ...memorial wall...
  3. My Three Uncles

    sorry getting used to the new forum editor!!!
  4. My Three Uncles

    and more...
  5. My Three Uncles

    behind the cross is a setof service mens memorials which are setbehind two pines , a picture of the plaque explaining the pines is next....
  6. My Three Uncles

    the memorial has a plaque, heres a close up.....
  7. My Three Uncles

    Hi Kenny, sorry it took me a while to getting around to this, anyway went and got a few pics of Centenary Park for you,a very nicely kept cemetary,the Australians do a good job of this sort of thing.
  8. New Treasure Bunker Book

    Kenny how is this going?are books available now?By the way hope all forum members are well and Im still look in here regularly!!!!!all the best Bruce
  9. My Three Uncles

    kenny, great articles, in one of life great twists of fate, i have just emigrated to Adelaide.If i can help with any research i will try my best. I am on atraining course at the moment and unfortunately i will be returning to the UK as my Father died last week, however when i come back i will help where i can, best wishes Bruce