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  1. Here’s some pics of the helmet in question let me know what you think please after having looked again more likely a fibre liner band
  2. Hi David Sorry about late reply but as you appear to be the guy to go to concerning civic firemen helmets would you know if war time helmets had leather liner bands or not
  3. Happy Birthday LACKIE14!

  4. Large slice of humble pie for me then haha Cheers Kenny will really need to go and buy some new books
  5. Do third reich helmet liners have sweat holes in the liner at the front or is this only a later West german adaptation? Having a discussion with a friend and want to put him out his misery as he says he's found "a minter" Would be grateful for any replies.
  6. Happy Birthday LACKIE14!

  7. yes thought so my first instinct was no looks too new, but always good to run it past everyone but it was the post on here about fake civic helmets that really had me thinking great piece of work thanks guys
  8. its been a while since my last post, but i remember a post on here about fake German civil defence helmets and was wondering if this is what I'm looking at . decals aren't really my thing but a 3d swastika. perhaps one of the helmet collectors on here know better
  9. Happy Birthday LACKIE14!

  10. Happy Birthday LACKIE14!

  11. have to agree come and see well worth a watch
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