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    German WW2, late Soviet, and 70-80s militaria. I mostly like medals and badges but sometimes will delve into uniforms especially for the Soviet era.

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  1. Ok thank you now I know that my iron cross was most likely 100% repainted and is probably original from my understanding. I understand a bit more about iron crosses now as well as my own. I’ll also get a few other opinions from around forums.
  2. Well the thing is my grandma got me it from The Ruptured Duck on my birthday so I just wanted to know cause it looked a bit odd. But, so far it seems like a real iron cross that was repainted right? Because if so that’s not too bad, it’s still an original iron cross if that were the case and still would be a piece of history.
  3. That’s what I was originally worried about. I heard it’s not uncommon for paint to be on the inside of the silver lining like shown here. I’m pretty sure it may be paint from some sort of repainting job either when it was made or some time afterwards. This could also explain why the core doesn’t move as freely as it should. Edit: I just tried scratching it to see if any black would come off. As I can see, nothing was changed to the core so it truly mystifies me.
  4. So everything seems real and authentic just that the core was most likely painted over at some point in time? (Looked at it again and it’s not necessarily shiny I think it was just the lighting)
  5. Sorry I just want to ask another thing. There are some scratches on this and it seems to me that it’s a shiny brown underneath the black. Not quite sure if this is common or if it means it is a complete fake.
  6. Another thing that concerns me, and maybe this is just me, is that the black core is not very movable. Maybe it was the maker or the repaint that could have made it stuck in one place.
  7. I have just measured it and I think it is just 44mm by 44mm. Maybe you’re right and it is just misaligned.
  8. I was wondering if this iron cross was authentic. The main things worrying to me are the fact the swastika is not centered right and the fact there seems to be some black paint on the back. Maybe it was repainted and maybe it’s an Übergrossen? I have tried the magnet test on it and it is indeed magnetic. There is no stamp on the ring as I can see. I’m not quite sure and I could use some help.
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