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  1. Would you recommend restoration since it was repainted?
  2. Very difficult to see with the corrosion. They are very small indentations: L64, or I6A?
  3. The helmet is iron except for a small area at the crown of the helmet where the brass appears. There are no seams or solder patch work (to indicate a repair). I see a very faint 191 or 79J marking. Thin not a heavy stamp near the swivel. Swivels are iron, as well. . Intriguing!
  4. My 82 year old dad had a box of helmets from an auction he bought 20-30 years ago. I researched a little to determine this appears to be a WW1 m16. Yet there are a few head scratchers about this. It looks repainted with no mark stamps. Inside (near the top point of the helmet) the paint was scraped down to the metal and it looks like brass (?). Any info on this would greatly be appreciated ~ Han
  5. I stand corrected on the rivets! Appreciate all your input. ~Han
  6. Nephew has a Brodie helmet with american chin strap rivets. However the stamp underneath M/A 80. I am not finding this stamp code in US or British. Any idea what this means? thanks!
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