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  1. The Turkish army used VDN helmets in the 80s. This can't be vdn repainted, right? The hinge type is slightly different from vdn helmets. True? http://brendonshelmets.weebly.com/turkey-m1-airborne.html https://www.worthpoint.com/worthopedia/turkish-issue-m1-helmet-casco-casque-102351043
  2. Writed "Made in Turkey" at inside. When Turks made own M1 Clone?
  3. Hello everyone Can you help me learn for identification ? (I cant found any stamp or number at inside)
  4. https://jmurrayinc1944.com/products/m1-helmet-dutch-used-original Olabilir mi?
  5. Gildwiller, i try touch magnet but its not magnetic. I cant find any stamp or serial. German Clones (VDN) doesnt has a stamp. Germans only write serial with paint and not choose this helmet colour.
  6. Hello everyone, I'm new member. I happy for join your. I have this euroclone helmet. Where is this helmet made? Belgiun, Austrian or Norway? Can you help me ?
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