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  1. Thanks Kenny, will take a look. Was still looking for one
  2. Tell me about it.. Places like ebay are full with fakes.. Like I posted in a different part of the forum.. A fake ss armband selling on ebay for over £250. Because I'm new to collecting iv been slowly learning what to look out for and of course I use the treasure bunker to ask people if something looks fake. You, Kenny and Fritz have been so good in teaching me key things and saving me from buying fakes. It's all very appreciated
  3. Ahh this one from fb looks fake as compared to the one you have shown. I wasn't going to buy it. But he is trying to sell it to others.
  4. This is going for $450. Can anyone tell me what it is and if its worth that much. Kind regards Lee
  5. True. . I will have to keep a look out for them
  6. I did buy these.. Not original ribbons but medals and box are
  7. And thank you for this information. I believe my family don't even know this much information about him. I will send them the link.. They will be very happy to read it all and feel proud. Thank you for that Fritz
  8. I hope so.. Was looking online and I'm shocked to see how British ww2 medals go for next to nothing. Yet ww2 german stuff goes for alot more.
  9. OK Frits.. I paid just 16 pounds for it. Do that sound an ok price? I hope so.
  10. Thanks my friend.. The are making a small budget movie about it. Its kinda cool. He finally got reported in the news papers here in the UK
  11. Hey people.. I have this.. Is it worth anything of value? Looks really nice. Kind regards Lee
  12. Hey everyone.. Wanted to share this family members story with you all. It's a special one to me. Very proud of him .. Wish I could of met him. Sergeant Sidney Cornell, from Portsmouth, was a paratrooper in the 6th Airborne Division of the British Army during World War II and landed in occupied France on June 6 1944 as part of Operation Deadstick. The film Paratrooper tells how he was the first black soldier to be dropped behind enemy lines that day and was tasked with running messages between military headquarters after radio communications failed. This was one of the most dangerous
  13. Thank you Fritz. Think I Ended up paying £120 for it. Expensive
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