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  1. Could find only one Beutin. Gerhard Beutin Rank- Oberfeldwebel Awards:DK-G (3/25/43 Post.), EP, EK 1 & 2, Fighter Operational Clasp Killed in action 60 confirmed victories. I was able to find detailed chart of his victories.
  2. Found a few other examples. From what I've read they are not common and everything points to Königliche Münze, Stuttgart. They are sometimes referred to as a"Mousetrap"EK1. Also, I misread the hallmark. Closer examination shows 800.
  3. Maker is BSW. Has a last name as well. Was this common? Seems like a lot of pilot badges have names on the rear.
  4. Fritz, yes the pin system is what threw me off. Out of maybe 50 crosses I have, this was the only of this type pin. I'll do more research and see if I can't get the maker.
  5. More signatures. Mostly dated ww1 period. I haven't found it yet but somewhere I have two unpublished photos of Manfred and Lothar Von Richthofen. Signed by both! I'll add once found.
  6. Fritz, Yes, him traveling to E Germany to retrieve items was very risky. I had many conversations with him later in life about his "business trips" Without going in to much detail, he had a good friend who lived in Stuttgart. This friend was originally from a small village outside of Leipzig near Thale. His family still lived here. This was his connection in the East. He was once telling me of a close call where he was held for three hours being questioned crossing back. Trying to keep his cool while being watched by multiple guards holding machine guns. I'm not implying his entire colle
  7. Kenny, Thank you for saying so. My earliest memories are waking up early morning and having to drive with my father to another city to attend military shows. He had a passion and got me collecting at a young age. I also know he risked much making trips to rescue items out of East Germany during the late 70's and early 80's. Although I haven't been active in this for many years, I'm beginning to understand that passion he had. Putting the pieces of his collection back together makes me feel close to him. I appreciate the help from everyone on this Forum!
  8. I was told once upon a time that this was a important and valuable piece. I recall it had to do with a wedding and this was given only to attended wedding party. I can't recall the details. It is very large and has weight to it. I'll measure and weigh it if needed. Any Russian experts that can Identify?
  9. I recognize the ribbons but need help with the awards attached. Thanks
  10. This medal is dated May 6, 1882-birth date of the Kronprinz. Appears to be bronz. Maker is Lauer Nürnberg. Case is original. Anyone know estimate value?
  11. This one is definitely gold and the condition in near perfect. Believe it's made by Wagner. The second is award for arts & science? Three ribbons, one is the oak leaf type. The two button hole decorations- one is marked Godet Co. Berlin. The prinzen Pour Le Merite is pin on and marked Jünker Berlin- 25. 600.
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