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  1. Still waiting for other medals. I will show the completed set as soon as I received those.
  2. Greetings. I said earlier that I would show my volksmarine uniform. Sorry to keep you waiting.
  3. Some very early BGS uniforms were made of War time cloth, but it's very rare.
  4. I agree that under some yellow light source the colour might turn out to be a little bit of green. But the Wehrmacht kind of green was only exhibited by BGS, like this one: I even saw fake Wehrmacht Uniform transformed from this kind of early BGS uniform. One way to tell if it's fake or not is to measure the length between each buttons. I always think West Germany actually learnt more from the DR uniform, partly because most of the original manufacturers survived, such as Assmann and Junker. I compared Kriegsmarine and Bundesmarine uniforms, and found out that the
  5. All in good condition. This earlier version is more suitable for black collar uniform.
  6. Great helmet and wonderful repaint. I got a repainted m40 with Normandy type camouflage that have three colours on it. The previous owner repainted it and applied some aluminum oxide powder too to make it more original but I still think it's not good enough, and the helmet itself lacks manufacturing mark, seems scratched off, but I don't doubt its authenticity. I will find a way to upload the picture because the VPN I'm using is problematic..
  7. Greetings! I am honour to me a qualified member of this forum. Here's a brief self-introduction so that we can know each other and make friends. Gerd Wiesler is a name from a movie, not my real name. I am from Beijing, China, and I mainly concentrated on RN, KM, BM and VM. There's not a lot of people playing this in China, actually. I am a law student so maybe I could luckily meet some European law students too. Recently I am working on Volksmarine uniform and I will manage to upload some pictures of them. Thanks for reading!
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