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  1. John333

    HJ knife

    Hello guys I have owned this HJ knife for a number of years I would like your opinions on it plus the leather hanger on the scabbard has a sign on it with oak leafs on it any idea what company this is ?
  2. Is this bayonet genuine ? Is it best to wait for one with matching serial numbers ?
  3. Finally bought an SS 8 year medal do you think its genuine ? it has all the right measurements
  4. You’ve been so much help thanks
  5. So, the medal has arrived and the dealer I bought it from sent me a completely different medal that is in worse condition and that he had up for less money on the website. I have called him and he said he would send me the one I paid for. I am not convinced this medal is genuine what do you guys think.... i thought id post it to get your opinions.
  6. it should arrive tomorrow i will post photos clearer photos and get your opinions on whether i should keep it or not then fingers crossed its good.
  7. Thanks guys I’ll post more photos once I have received it.
  8. Im considering buying this 8 year service medal it looks good to me but what do you guys think?
  9. My apologies I will find some online and post photos
  10. Yes I will post some photos once I receive it are there any dealers you would particularly recommend ?
  11. Yes I went ahead and purchased it, I’m looking for a good Easten front medal now and iron cross 2nd class. Thank you for you help
  12. Can you please tell me if this Iron cross looks genuine item
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