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  1. Yes that’s something I am interested in purchasing next I am considering just collecting things from the North Africa campaign those as my great grandad fought there and I already have his medals and some equipment uniforms etc.
  2. I thought the top one looked worn too but the dealer id advertising it as unissued
  3. Ok guys thanks here a genuine example with a known fake as a comparison
  4. My opinion is it’s fake firstly the gap in the palm trees doesn’t look big enough and also the breaded piping that runs along the top and bottom isn’t flush with the edge.
  5. So I came across this cuff title online and I was wondering what to look for in cuff titles to spot their authenticity particularly with Afrika cuff titles like this one ?
  6. Would you not purchase it then due to the lack of finish ?
  7. No I believe you’re right there is little finish left on the medal
  8. It comes with a photo of the recipient of the award also
  9. Thank you once again for you tremendous help I learn so much from you both. The dealing is asking for £128 for this with postage is that a fair price ?
  10. And it all seems genuine to you? Are they often faked ?
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