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  1. Yes it does look very clean & definatley un worn. I passed up on bidding for it. Sold for 30 euro in the end. Thanks guys. Cheers Wolf.
  2. Hi Leon 21. Was looking at ss panzer division emblems you posted 1/15/2013. I am looking at buying a 11th ss division sick pin & saw that it is included in your post off various SS emblems. Went to research the 11th & came up with this as their emblem not the one in your post. Also a pic of the stick pin I am looking at buying. Strange. Any ideas. Cheers Wolf.
  3. Thanks for your help Fritz. I will keep searching. Cheers Wolf.
  4. Thanks Kenny. I speculated when I bought it. I only paid $5 delivered. Anyway I'm sure I will stumble on what it's about down the track, as I'm always looking. Cheers Wolf.
  5. Hi guys. Here is a stick pin I bought & it was described as a WW2 Luftwaffe emblem stick pin. I have tried to research this one but can't seem to identify it. Isthere any one out there who might know whether this is a pin attributed to a Luftwaffe squadron. Your help would be greatly appreciated. Cheers Wolf.
  6. Thanks for the SS Panzer division emblems leon21. I bought 4 stick pins years ago of the 1st SS Panzer division with the key. They were being sold as 1957 versions as they did not have a Swastika. & I got all 4 for $5 Aussie. I ran them past a forum & they told me they were genuine WW2 issue stick pins & could be worn after 1957 at re-unions. I sold them to someone in England. Wish I hadn't done that. Cheers Wolf.
  7. Thanks for that Fritz. Down here in Victoria Australia we can go from 42 degrees celsious to 22 degrees in one day never mind a season. I will look for alternative storage.
  8. Yes that's for sure Kenny. But having said that you get what you pay for, they are sold as genuine but sold for a quater of the genuine article. The trick is to be very wary when buying privatley & always run pics through a forum like this for scrutiny. Here is a fallschirmjager badge I bought a few years back. Cheers Wolf.
  9. Hi Kenny. Hope your well. I have a piece of kit here that I don't really want & isn't that old .If you know of any one who may appreciate this more than me, I would be more than happy to pass it along for free & even pay the postage to Blighty Land. keep safe. Cheers Wolf.



    1. kenny andrew

      kenny andrew

      Hi Wolf, sorry about the delay in replying, shop has been really busy this week. Are you sure you don't want to keep it? It is not old but the Argonaut served in the Falklands where she was hit twice so it is quite an interesting piece. If it is too modern for you I would be happy to give you something for it as I do have an interest in the Falklands Campaign. It's not worth that much as many sailors served on the Argonaut over the years, however if you were not aware of the Falklands connection perhaps you would like to keep it? Either way very kind to offer Wolf thanks  :thumbsup:       

  10. Sorry guys M18. The 2nd decal denotes Teno (technical emergency core). This one is rusting as well, even sitting on a shelf in my man cave,but not going to apply grease to this one. "It can rust in peace".Here are a couple of pics.
  11. Wow great looking helmets guys. Whished I had a M42, I like the design of the edge without the fold over. I have a M17 double decal with 1931/32 liner. Will post pics when I can find space to take picture. Wolf.
  12. Hi guys. i want to show you his badge I have in my collection & wanted to say watch out when buying. This a very impressive real looking badge,but the eagle does no fit the maker, so its probably a fake. Cheers Wolf.
  13. Thanks Fritz. I have been told because of the quality of the guilding they cold be from Dress/Parade uniform. Thanks again. Cheers Wolf.
  14. Hi guys. Does any one know the around about the age of these 2 pips I have in my collection. I'm lead to believe the design ran prior to ww1 & into ww2. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Cheers Wolf.
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