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  1. That’s great. Looks like they could be used on either a motorcycle or car/truck. Thanks.
  2. Hi, I found these in my stash. Not sure if they are from motorcycle or other vehicle?
  3. Hi, Thought I’d share my long coat with you all.
  4. Nice set, I only have this. Think it’s a tin opener.
  5. Thank you, that’s awesome!
  6. Thanks mate, If I’m correct they used the same black beret that tank crews used? Steve.
  7. Hi, I was given this by my father. Could anyone tell me what it’s for please? I’m thinking something to do with signals? Thanks, Steve.
  8. Hi, I have this signal lamp, which I shall try and get working once time allows. Does anyone know of any videos of one being used? Thanks, Steve.
  9. Hi, I have this unissued Observer Corp uniform, I do have some authentic badges for it but I can’t seem to find the chest patch. Also would you recommend badging it up correctly or leaving it as is? Thanks, Steve.
  10. Wouldn’t fancy trying them now though! Lol
  11. Hi, Could anyone give me any info on these razors please? I’ve found a bit of info on the Rolls Razor, but not the others. Thanks, Steve.
  12. I was given this by my father, I’m not sure what the D represents? Also the only blue ones I’ve seen are UN.
  13. This is a Mk14 bombsight, it’s been refurbished post war though as it has the ferranti gyro fitted to it.
  14. I have one of these also, didn’t know about the lens release though. I also have the aiming rectical too.
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