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  1. This nice complete M24 base cap landed today with the early war manufactured spring and cardboard disc intact which was a mechanism stop the porcelain ball from rattling around. Also with the WaA Eagle approved inspectors stamp. Also shown is another M24 base cap showing the spring without the cardboard disc.
  2. Great photo and to see both offensive and defensive grenades at the same times.
  3. Nice find Not come across one of these before. Two of my M13s (possibly on another thread) with different fragmentation patterns and yes a replica pannier.
  4. So my Russian 1912 Lantern finally arrived. Manufacturerd in 1913. It doesn't have the stamp above the belt hook but a knowledgeable source has told me those stamps came in from 1914 onwards so maybe thats the case. It is a nice example, not quite complete but not far off. The handle is repro and needs ageing and shortening slightly to 11cm and it should be flat at the base so I'll be getting that sorted. The lever on the handle is a slimmer version to most but not all that I've seen.Whether thats a design change I don't know but it does look original. Overall very pleased to have such a rare
  5. This landed today. Really chuffed with it. An excellent example of a hard to find piece of ordinance. Hopefully have a deac flash bang in the pipeline to finish it off nicely. Matching head and stick. Ubung training stamp Waffen stamped Correct spring loaded base cap.
  6. My replica $5 pin finally arrived from the States.Only took a month ! Bought 4 just in case. There's more Japanese types out there! Makes the grenade, definitely
  7. This is a real beast of a grenade & that's saying something because most Austro-Hungarian jobs are chunky.Weighing in at 1.3 kg. I know very little about it other than it being described as a 'Jam Pot' on account of its shape I imagine. A great addition to my Austro-Hungarian grenade collection now standing at 9 pieces. You can't beat a belt hook Manufacturers initials I reckon. It does have a safety cap but its beyond restoration. A pattern though for sure. Size comparison to the more common 'Heavy Schwere'
  8. You do have that Shinkle though that's a love bit of kit. You do have one major dealer in the States who always has European grenades for sale. Can't mention the name of course but you'll probably know who I'm talking about. Top dollar prices though.
  9. Absolutely. I hadn't even come across the M16 'Cigaro' until recently. Looks likely that I'll have x3 variants in the near future.Always looking, same as yourself. Those hard to come by pieces are a treat to find
  10. Of the 40 plus WW1 grenades in my collection Austro-Hungarians are the dominant number. Always coming across another type. I find them fascinating and such a collectble 'group' I have 2 more versions of the M16 coming my way (hopefully)
  11. Update and additional information. Having carried out further research I've established that there are at least 5 versions of the Austrian M16 Schnellwurfgrenate .However, currently I don't know the sequencial order of each particular model from a development, time line perspective. The version posted at the start of this thread is one of the rarer harder to find models which I'll describe as the 'long safety lever model' along with what I suspect is an even rarer version the 'Type 1' pictured above. Similar in appearance & pictured here is an example which I recently acquired & whi
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