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  1. Brass caps not used until after the war eh. Perhaps they were retro fitted to reduce accidents perhaps. Be interesting to find out the facts about that.
  2. I just read somewhere the the red band on a VB grenade indicates it was a practice grenade.
  3. I'd like your opinion on this please Gildwiller1918 as you are a bit of a restoration guru it has to be said. So here we have a rare M1939 Training Egg Grenade examples of which are pretty hard to come by. At some stage on its journey its been painted grey after starting out red. However on the plus side it is complete and in relatively good shape. The question is,what would you do with it restoration wise? Not mine by the way but perhaps
  4. Here are are two model 1913 Kugel grenades of different designs notably at the 'neck' & in the fragmentation patterns. And one them seen here in a replica belt carrier. The cylinder at the base is just to keep it upright.
  5. Austro-Hungarian Grenades of The Great War Part 2 - Universal Grenades These two grenades could either be thrown by hand discharged from a rifle. Both have the same inertial pull- fuse. When fired the weight of the end piece would activate the friction ignighter & initiate the time delay. Zeitzunder Rod Grenade M16 Rod Grenade. The second and later version. Gone is the heavy fragmentation giving it a smooth body.
  6. Nice job on the resto. So what did you use for the finish ? I'm assuming the bondo is a different colour to the body.Excuse my lack of knowledge but is bondo a brand name or a collective? In other words if I purchased it what would I ask for?
  7. It looks too far gone to me.How so? An overview of that restoration process would be good thankyou. Some the VB grenades have noticeable horizontal lines going around the body. Others don't appear to have them. Maybe its just the light. Any thoughts on that? And out of your collection do you have a personal favourite. Also, I've seen the red band before. What's it's significance? Too many questions so omit as you see fit!
  8. Great collection. Well my grenade finally arrived. The body is very poor but at least it came with the very hard to find brass safety cap!
  9. That's rare beast and such a big weapon. It looks ahead of its time. Reminds of the Barrett M82 for its size if nothing else. Awesome piece of history you have there Gildwiller1918
  10. I don't jump much these days but I've had some amazing times jumping out of about 10 different aircraft types. A quality tail gate exit out of an MI8 over Hungary VID-20160724-WA0001.mp4
  11. So do you collect the buttons & suchlike as individual items or add to items of uniform?
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