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  1. You do have that Shinkle though that's a love bit of kit. You do have one major dealer in the States who always has European grenades for sale. Can't mention the name of course but you'll probably know who I'm talking about. Top dollar prices though.
  2. Absolutely. I hadn't even come across the M16 'Cigaro' until recently. Looks likely that I'll have x3 variants in the near future.Always looking, same as yourself. Those hard to come by pieces are a treat to find
  3. Of the 40 plus WW1 grenades in my collection Austro-Hungarians are the dominant number. Always coming across another type. I find them fascinating and such a collectble 'group' I have 2 more versions of the M16 coming my way (hopefully)
  4. Update and additional information. Having carried out further research I've established that there are at least 5 versions of the Austrian M16 Schnellwurfgrenate .However, currently I don't know the sequencial order of each particular model from a development, time line perspective. The version posted at the start of this thread is one of the rarer harder to find models which I'll describe as the 'long safety lever model' along with what I suspect is an even rarer version the 'Type 1' pictured above. Similar in appearance & pictured here is an example which I recently acquired & whi
  5. Kenny you're correct you can't buy old spec in the UK. I stand corrected. Outside the EU only.
  6. I'm by no means an expert on this subject but as a rule of thumb deacs sold in this country must conform to current EU specification and anything that strips cocks and dry fires can only be sold to countries not in the EU with the exception of the Channel Isles/IOW unless they are redeactivated to the current spec. There are exceptions to this rule which involve 'old spec' weapons that were deactivated in 1987 and before .These can currently be sold as they are in the UK. Despite leaving the EU the situation remains the same as prior to leaving. Whether the days of being able to buy weapons t
  7. That was a nice collection of German hardware Kenny Hopefully the deactivation laws will change positively now we're out the EU but I'm not holding my breath.
  8. Officially the longest single Treasure Bunker post . I take my lid off to you Kenny that's unprecedented attention to detail
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