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  1. I wasn't aware of the 1847. I have an an 1885 89mm (as far I know). I do know the 1914 is 85mm mm in diameter.
  2. Nice work. Did you make the 'pin' yourself? I thought the grenade itself was know as a Bracelet Grenade. You learn something everyday. Nice bit of kit.
  3. B52 Tail Section South Vietnam. Deuce and a halfs earning their keep. Central Highlands Vietnam. River Kwai Bridge. Contrary to the famous film the Bridge was a partial concrete/ steel structure purchased by the Japanese from where I can't recall. Built by allied POWs. Final span was bombed in 1945. Rebuilt after the war. Based on information on site. Kanchanaburi Allied War Cemetery,River Kwai Northern Thailand located on the site of the original cemetery. The land was gifted to the fallen by the King of Thailand in their honour. So peaceful and well kept. Befitting to those who made the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom.
  4. I have no American WW1 grenades. Nothing about over here or at least I haven't seen them. That is a beauty. Not dissimilar to a small Schwere but very well made unlike the small Schweres that were very rough cast.
  5. Ah a Sipe fuse in the junk bin nice find. Nice BPD too.
  6. I also have these. Both Savage Arms factory manuals. Both Circa 1915/18.
  7. There are manufacturers stamps inside under the leather on splatter masks but fakes are a plenty apparently. Buyer beware.A whole gang of blacksmiths out there !
  8. Stunning absolutely stunning. Top of my wish list. Made in my city Birmingham England. Here's a really nice copy of the BSA factory produced manual Circa 1915 that I have in my collection.
  9. Last of my Italian grenades in my collecion to date. Carbone grenade. Fragmented cast iron body. Relic status but basically sound. Really like the stamps that run down both sides. Of all the grenades I've come across the stamps on Carbone grenades are by far the boldest. BPD grenade. This is a really tidy example. On removing the brass fuse cap the fuse itself had to be struck on something hard to initiate the ignition process.
  10. Like a French Petard only fatter. On the list. Petard also.
  11. Nice example. Like a Battye thats been rolled out if you know what I mean. Similar fragmentation sleeve.
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