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  1. Hi Leon, so that I get it right, you mean the liner is a Mark 2, but is the helmet a mark 3 as I think it is ? Sorry if I’m a bit thick... Thanks for sharing your Science Helene
  2. Thanks Gildwiller, I had a look but can’t find any mark ... very frustrating! I’ll try with some talcum powder tomorrow but I’m nearly sure it’s 1943 But can you tell me if the 11 of the TTC means November?
  3. Hi Leon, What a good idea I’ll try that! As for the maker stamp on the helmet, where should I find it? I daren’t pull on the liner too much as it looks a bit cracked . Or maybe I should try unscrewing it... thanks a lot!
  4. hello everybody, I have found in my dad’s garage what seems like an MK3 helmet but with a liner marked TTC 11 194? The last number Looks like a 3 so 1943 but when I google Teddy Toy Company it seems like they only produced helmet liners until 1942... any idea ? Thank you very much for your help
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