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  1. Well ...all you guys are expert to me. Yeah ,I have checked online , 65 is pretty similar to my badge ,it is a good start , I will do more research for the other sample of badges in future. Thank you Fritz and Thank you all you guys
  2. I see,it’s pretty similar to mine badge,and it’s a beautiful piece too. Since I love WWII Germany war history ,so I bought this badge as a history memorial piece ,I don’t know to much about it and I hope I can discovered more information about this interesting historical artifact ,in your experts opinion ,if you take a guess ,where would you think those badge were made from? (Which part of the Third Reich ?)Thanks.
  3. I see , thank you. By the way it’s doesn’t has maker mark , is that possible to identify the maker of this badge from the photo ?
  4. Hey guys ,I found my EK2 badge which has a crack at the middle of edge ,and I’m wonder is this common sign for an authentic badge ? Could anyone tell me this badge is real or not ? (Please see the picture blow) Thanks.
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