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  1. Hi Leon, I've checked the cross band, and it does say Jager Rand (1942). The writing was so faint, it took me quite a while to spot it - had to wipe it with a cloth. That settles it then! Thank you for your help in identifying it - much appreciated. Robert.
  2. Thank you both Leon and Gildwiller - I appreciate your help in trying to identify it. After a quick Google search on South African WWII helmets, there is a close resemblance to the one shown in this link: http://brendonshelmets.weebly.com/south-africa-mkii.html# There are three holes punched into the rear of the shell, too - apparently used to fix a neck flap. Upon looking at it closely, it definitely looks to have been repainted, like you say. As for how it came into my family, the only thing I can think of is that my grandfather may have acquired it whilst serving in the navy, refurbished it, and given it to his father... Conjecture at best unfortunately.
  3. Hi Leon, Thanks for your response. There are two pins (on each side) coming through from the outer shell, which fold down to hold the lug strap in place. Please see images attached.
  4. Hi Gildwiller, thank you for your welcome and help - it's greatly appreciated. I can't hide my disappointment to hear that, but it makes it all the more interesting to learn more about it. I'm at a loss as to where it's come from; my grandfather was born in 1926 and served in the navy (post WWII), and his father, who I thought it belonged to, was discharged from the ASC in 1919. Very grateful to anyone who could shed more light on its origins! Thanks.
  5. Hello, I'm hoping that someone could help me identify this brodie helmet. As far as I know, it belonged to my Great-Grandfather who served in Salonika during WWI (Army Service Corps). I've been informed (by one user on a different forum) that the helmet is in fact late 1930s, which confused me as no one on my grandfather's side of the family served in this era. I'm particularly interested in the insignia - does anyone recognise it? Perhaps, this is not a helmet that would've been used in a climate such as Salonika (a plinth?), but I'm eager to find out about its story. Any guidance would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
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