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  1. I got this interesting Brodie for a steal. I believe it might have been field repainted but I cannot tell. The liner is not as good as my other Brodie but it is still in one piece. One side of the liner system is detached and I’m trying to see if I can reattach it. It has a nice bend in the brim. The seam looks a little weird but that may be because it’s from a different maker than my other helmet. It has what appears to be a name on the inner rim but I cannot confirm it. Does it look like a repaint and is there anything I can do about the liner. Also does the name mean anything?
  2. Is there a way to find out if a British made brodie helmet was issued to the first americans over there?
  3. This one recently came up for sale and I wanted your opinion on it.
  4. How can you figure out the size of your picklehaube?
  5. What do covers normally run because I know they are expensive, or at least the ones I’ve seen.
  6. How long do you normally make them or does it vary from the size of the picklehaube?
  7. What type of leather do you recommend for the chinstrap? Such as the dimensions? What type of thread?
  8. I’m gonna look for some original fittings for the chinstrap. Do you have any recommendations on the cockades. Should I buy some rusty original one without any paint and restore them? Or should I buy some repros and take the paint off and repaint them?
  9. When choosing the components for the chinstrap should they be gray because of the model?
  10. I couldn’t find any stampings, how should I store it to keep its shape. On a foam mannequin head?
  11. I have two German slings. The left one is for a gewehr 88 and the right is the a gewehr 98. The one on the left has some paint on it and I was wondering seeing if there is a way to remove it and clean the sling up and make nice again. The one on the right had a lot of leather oil applied by its previous owner and I was wondering if there is a way to bring some of it out and if that would lighten the color because it’s almost black as of right now. Also does anybody know what the markings on the swivel mean? I’m pretty sure they are for a unit.
  12. When looking for a good saddle soap in the states, what should I look for? Any ingredients to look for stay away from?
  13. I sent it back. This is the helmet it is for. It’s an early 38 heat stamp. Sadly it was made a swivel bale. The liner is 1943 capac and is in good condition. I don’t know if it was repainted for Korea, but I’m hoping it wasn’t. It has a nice dent in the back that I can only wish was a slow moving bullet or projectile, but it’s probably from some kind playing army with it on. It’s cool because it’s got a reject stamp next to the heat stamp but it does seem like it could have been reissued later war or Korea.
  14. Yeah after I purchased it I didn't feel right about the triangle attachment points. Do you know of anywhere that sells them besides ebay?
  15. I bought this picklehaube from the SOS in Louisville this year. From what I know it’s a 1915 EM Bavarian. It’s extremely small and I git it for an amazing prize compared to all the other ones at the show. It was pretty rough and that was probably why it was priced so well and the guy gave me a even better deal because I had bought a M16 from him the year before. He said the guy before him had found it and it had been stored with a cover ( you can see indents from the cover clasps) and the seller did not know what had happened the the cover. The climate and heat had gotten to the lather and cau
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