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  1. Excellent feed back Fritz.... very interesting read about the Holstein Rgt's history .....oh it would seem that my memory is getting soft with old age !.....So not 76th Hannover Fusslier's, but 73rd !.....l read about the 73rd Fusslier's along time ago, long enough to have made the historical boo boo of the regimental number ! And frankly the only thing's l remember about Holstein is that it was once under Danish rule and the other is that there was a Brau called Holstein that had a knight on horseback logo .. obviously not much help on topic !
  2. A very interesting group of documents there Fritz of Herr Kurt Schneider, isn't Holstein in the North West of Germany near Danmark ?, Also if l am not mistaken l think the 76 Regiment was the Hannoverian Fusslier's that took part in the final German large offensive in March 1918....And l am also of the belief that the you are correct that the Lichterfelde Barrack's in Berlin was an Officer's training academy closed just after WW1... But if l recall correctly was re-opened temporarily in the 1930's again as an Army officer's academy for the son's of the wealthy fortunate of German society....until Herr Hitler and National Socialism became the new order blah,blah and then Lichterfelde Barrack's was turned into the regimental home for the SS Leibstandarte....(while the Das Reich regt home was in Arnulf Barrack's in Munich), before the SS training of Officer's was carried out in Brunsweig and Bad Tolz. As was quoted : that there was only one sured guaranteed doctrine that one could build a superior tough fighting military force with total loyalty.... and that was to train a healthy young man that know's and has experienced poverty and starvation, because he will be angry enough to fight and follow a leader that praise's them in honour !
  3. Jarl

    Artillery luger

    I once owned a replica P-08 , and now only some P-08 part's....as for that holster...l would also go with replica, but easy enough to make look like an original with leather stain's and sandpaper !, But l personally prefure to keep all my replica stuff in mint condition and let time and use age them ! As for the P-08 Luger Artillery model, you would have to rest it onto your elbow just to get that none accurate shot !, Just like that Kreigsmarine model..... "Gone Fishing"
  4. Normal logic would dictate that if it wasn't enirt they would through it at you ! & If it didn't go BANG they would just throw another..... otherwise they would have scrapped them all post W.W.1, So if collector's are still finding German grenade's from the first war, then they must have worked okay to use in the second war
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