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  1. I am not sure? my knowledge is limited. Ive googled Failsworth Hats and came across some very smart peaky blinder looking caps Established 1903 so more than likely it could be, another name to add to the list
  2. Thanks for reply Good shout, sounds probable - one of the lesser known makers? Thanks again.
  3. Can anyone please help with an ID on this Liner? The helmet itself appears to be a MK2 and has the following stamp 7 3/4 FH II 1941 I have looked through lists of all the known makers but cannot find anything related to FH. There are no other markings on the Brodie itself or any part of the liner. Could this be a rarer manufacture of liner or perhaps a commonwealth type?
  4. An absolutely incredible piece of history & a wonderful story, really appreciate you sharing !
  5. I always feel I am banging on about him on the forum, as he won the VC, but I think he deserves a mention again being a Lewis gunner. An incredible story and thank-you for sharing, would be amazing to see his V.C, do you know of its whereabouts and have you attempted to trace it? That is something to be very proud of and i would certainly keep banging on about it, continually !
  6. You have an incredible collection of lids
  7. I have often longed to have had a relative to research who served during the Great War. What regiment did he serve in? I am proud owner of a set of medals for a private in the Seaforths 1/6th, the diary's and fascinating research undertaken has made him a kind of relative, very rewarding.
  8. Wow ! - That is a thing of beauty. Envious, not in the slightest
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