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  1. Hello Leon. Thank you for your reply. It does not have that stamp so it is probably one from world war 2 then. I am not sure if the colour is original, as most pictures shown here are of a lighter green. Should I get a replacement liner and chinstrap or just leave it as it is?
  2. Hello! Leon21 seems to be an expert on these helmets and I really appreciate his work and research on this topic. I have just bought a Brodie helmet with the markings they are very faint so instead i write them down for you (the same way they appear on the helmet): BMB 1942 R48 As i found in your guide that BMB is the company that produced this helmet and 1942 is the production date. I cannot find anywhere though what R48 stands for. Also the chinstrap is on this helmet is not the one used on most brodie helmets as shown in the pictures. The chinstrap also has a bit of what I suppose is blood on it. It was also missing it's liner. It has no other markings on it. I could be a Dutch post-war Brodie helmet as I live and bought it in the Netherlands.
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