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  1. On the picture in the Museum you See in Front of the cup , looks like a cap, the grenade wich was used with this item , fired from gew. 98 This shooting cup has no marks on it, maybe taken after finnishing from military weapon check or stolen / saved after war from Destruction?
  2. Hey Fritz The cup is complete and in very fine condition I price was like buying a good Hammer in a Shop
  3. Tank you Kenny Yes,i will take a shortcut from the conversation an will senden it Best regards
  4. So was habe ich auch noch nie bekommen und erst recht nicht auf dem Flohmarkt! Das Ding lag zwischen alten Werkzeugen bei einem der allen erdenklichen Kram aus wohnungsentrümpelungen für kleines Geld angeboten hat Absoluter glücksfund! Leider keine bestempelung vorhanden,halte es aber definitiv für ein zeitgenössisches Stück
  5. Hell friends I introduce this very rare item today in the wrong section! Now i will load up some pictures here an hope its the right place: Today i catch near my hometown this rifle grenade launcher for gew. 98 german ww1 on a flee market! What is your opinion for this thing? Iam Glad to hear some Impressions! First 3 pics are my shooting cup The last 3 ones i Found in the www Best regards from germany
  6. raven-0815


  7. Hell leon, Yes there are stamps Inside, 1 picture of it see above,but its a very bad and unsharp pic! I will look for better pics and load it up. The stamps are Hard to identify, the Shell is paint in camo sandgrey and i dont want to scratch on it! Someone has an idea for testing the decal of the sauerland? With a sharp lense it looks great and i think its authentic. Best regards armin
  8. Hello Fritz, Thank you for your impressions! And thanks for the pictures, very interestant to see this m-16 helmet! The m42 Shell is in germany called "Ausschuss-Helm", m35,40 +42 helmets with failures,failure ln the Hull and Bad Material, quality Check failed helmets, becomes the known Rim! they normaly used by Civil units, luftschutz,Police, red cross and late war by the volkssturm (the freikorps was not better than units from official volkssturm,no Elite Status! !). Best regards
  9. Hi Kenny, Yes, that is it what i mean! If you look the decal with a strong Glas , you dont see any pixels like the known copies!! Best regards
  10. Thank you Kenny for the Informations! ! The sauerland helmet must be good, i become it from a Farmer for less, played as he was a Child with this one , found it After the war there in the Woods and the hole time forgotten on the rooftop in the farmhouse! If i was there for work,installing a New gate, i ask him about the war in this Region ! He remember the helmet and give it to me and i was so glad,knowing of this rare item! The condition of the Shell is Not so bad as he looks on my pictures! I think 70% of original colour ! The condition of the decal matches with the rest of the Shell! Thank you and best regards Armin
  11. Here some pictures from the freikorps Shell!
  12. Okay, Thanks! I look some other sides in the web and found a similar sign on a brodie helmet used by the irish Brigade in tunesia, italy camaign, could it be? Later i will introduce you a very rare m-42 Shell i become over 20 years ago from the region Siegen,the Village Plettenberg. At this time ,5 of this Freikorps-Sauerland Helmets are worldwide known! I am very interesting , whats your impression! Best regards armin
  13. Nobody with some Information about the helmet?
  14. Good morning together, I am new here in this forum,want to regard all collectors here ! Sorry for my Bad english, i come from germany! ! I want to Show You this helmet, bought here in germany from private. Thanks for meanings and Identifikation! Best regards armin
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