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  1. This is a RAD Spanierschloss ( Cape Chain ) as worn by the Arbeitsdienst. One is shown in the F.W. Assman catalog, although the makers of RAD items usually offered similar if not identical items, the piece shown here may have been produced by a different Co.
  2. This is the hollow back variant of the Niedersachsen-Ost traditions mutzenabzeichen, Same look but with different weight and a pin clasp instead of the four prongs usually encountered. Overall a nice piece that will fit nicely in the collection.
  3. I purchased this planchett several years ago and have been looking for the tinnie that goes with it for just as long, I found one, a very great condition, heavy and full of detail match.
  4. I have been searching for this one for several years, and when it arrives I will show you why it was needed in my collection.. Till then…. G
  5. A new find and a extremely hard one to acquire..
  6. I was able to secure a few more for my collection, these are very hard to find in any condition and I consider myself very fortunate to have these to share with the group.. Enjoy !! G
  7. I recently had the opportunity to pick up some tinnies I had been looking / searching for.. The last two are still on the way.. Been busy aet work and hope all is well here, I will check back in soon.. G
  8. Fritz, Yes they are all mine except for one.. Arbeitsgau XXIX.. And yes Niedersachsen-Ost is still prevalent today as stated.. G
  9. Here are a few of the RAD traditions, I will post more and the information that describes them in more detail soon.. G
  10. Thank you , leon21, Your document of the Freiwilliger Id booklet for the FAD is as always great deal of information in such a small item, Yes the Meldeamt office was 1 for Bremen as stamped and it seems Max was at Arbeitsgau XXVII, Abt. 5/173 Honor name "Julius Langbehn der Rembrandtdeutsche" located in Harpstedt not far from Bremen and the Schwalbennester or swallows nest on the shoulders of the tunic represent a Musiker or musician.. I have no picture of the arbeitsdienstlager at this time but will make a note if found.. Many Thanks... G
  11. Hello, I collect Reichsarbeitsdienst (RAD) items and try to track known lagers ( Camps / Barracks ) using period photographs, Dienststellenabzeichen ( Armshields) and other documents.. For instance.. The photo of 2/312 is Gau XXXI Oberrhein, Abt. 2 "Feldmarschall Keith" as honor name located in Suggerath.. I also like to track down RAD locations based on then and now.. In a nutshell, if you wish to join me I would like the company, I am also an Admin. of a Rad research group and a Admin of a general RAD collectors / information page.. Hope to meet you soon... G
  12. Hello, This is my nice RAD Brocade I think it may have been unissued.. It is unmarked.. I will explain more soon.. G
  13. Yes, Fortunately I do have the belts that came with some of my RAD buckles and a few are R.A.D. BA marked or marked with a RAD Gau. XXXII stamping for example..
  14. Fritz, Much obliged for the additional pics, this is what it looked like when originally issued. I plan on posting the Brocade very soon from now. G
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