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  1. A new find and a extremely hard one to acquire..
  2. I was able to secure a few more for my collection, these are very hard to find in any condition and I consider myself very fortunate to have these to share with the group.. Enjoy !! G
  3. I recently had the opportunity to pick up some tinnies I had been looking / searching for.. The last two are still on the way.. Been busy aet work and hope all is well here, I will check back in soon.. G
  4. Fritz, Yes they are all mine except for one.. Arbeitsgau XXIX.. And yes Niedersachsen-Ost is still prevalent today as stated.. G
  5. Here are a few of the RAD traditions, I will post more and the information that describes them in more detail soon.. G
  6. Thank you , leon21, Your document of the Freiwilliger Id booklet for the FAD is as always great deal of information in such a small item, Yes the Meldeamt office was 1 for Bremen as stamped and it seems Max was at Arbeitsgau XXVII, Abt. 5/173 Honor name "Julius Langbehn der Rembrandtdeutsche" located in Harpstedt not far from Bremen and the Schwalbennester or swallows nest on the shoulders of the tunic represent a Musiker or musician.. I have no picture of the arbeitsdienstlager at this time but will make a note if found.. Many Thanks... G
  7. Hello, I collect Reichsarbeitsdienst (RAD) items and try to track known lagers ( Camps / Barracks ) using period photographs, Dienststellenabzeichen ( Armshields) and other documents.. For instance.. The photo of 2/312 is Gau XXXI Oberrhein, Abt. 2 "Feldmarschall Keith" as honor name located in Suggerath.. I also like to track down RAD locations based on then and now.. In a nutshell, if you wish to join me I would like the company, I am also an Admin. of a Rad research group and a Admin of a general RAD collectors / information page.. Hope to meet you soon... G
  8. Hello, This is my nice RAD Brocade I think it may have been unissued.. It is unmarked.. I will explain more soon.. G
  9. Yes, Fortunately I do have the belts that came with some of my RAD buckles and a few are R.A.D. BA marked or marked with a RAD Gau. XXXII stamping for example..
  10. Fritz, Much obliged for the additional pics, this is what it looked like when originally issued. I plan on posting the Brocade very soon from now. G
  11. Thanks Fritz, Ludenscheid was probably the biggest area of buckle manufacturers, F.W. Assman & Sohn, Richard Sieper & Sohn, Christian Theodore Dicke , Fredrich Linden, Overhof & Cie, Ernst Schneider etc; etc;. Do you recognize the maker of your specimen ? Very interested to see what Co. produced your example. I will soon start a thread that will demonstrate most RAD buckle makers marks.. G
  12. I used to collect FAD buckles and still have some, Now I have been focusing on Generalarbeitsfuhrer / Arbeitsgaufuhrer's, Lost RAD Abt. and Arbeitslagers and Emsland units.. I have about 80-90 buckles, and a few brocades all RAD, one brocade mint unissued in original box and wrapping paper. I will post again soon on the correlation of Richard Sieper & Sohn and the truth behind Paulmann and Crone RAD buckles.
  13. Thank you Kenny and Fritz, RAD buckles or Koppelschloss are my first love.
  14. A seldom seen RAD buckle.. Ulbricht, Wien. Enjoy
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