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  1. Thank you Kenny, I didn't know they could be 2nd pattern goggles. And great photo!
  2. Yes, I've found examples in different stores and web sites, but what I've never seen is an actual german soldier using them. Haha Fritz, that was funny. Hope you don't think I use this item skiing on holidays. I said how interesting it is looking through them. Naturally they are part of my colection and for display purpouses. Regards
  3. Many thanks Fritz as always . They are pretty interesting to wear. Is there any graphic example out there showing a german soldier wearing them, or any museum reference? Thanks
  4. Hello everyone, I would like to know whether this is a pair of german ski troops goggles. Do you have any wartime period photo of a german soldier wearing them? Many thanks
  5. Great job Kenny! Surely I haven't got time enough to do that exhaustive job of reseach. Beautiful photos, rather interesting the one of Monty in his denison smock, how modest and natural, how different from those german generals. Thanks
  6. Thanks guys. Great photos. I'm afraid dear Fritz I'm not able to date the photos I added to the colection. Nevertheless, analizing the photo itself one may reach to some conclusions regarding the place or period of the war they were taken. Regards
  7. Just the image to be posted here Like this one. Now it is your turn folks
  8. Thanks kenny! I would appreciate more of them. Yeah, finally I found out the way to do so
  9. Hi everyone, I'm looking for uncommon color photos taken during WWII by the British, not painted but real color photographs like those amazing Kodachrome sometimes I find. Here some examples. thanks you all PARATROOP TRAINING IN BRITAIN, OCTOBER 1942 19 October 1942 Parachute Training in Britain. Half length portrait of a paratrooper carrying a Sten gun, having loaded it ready for immediate action. A 15cm gun crew from the 75th Shropshire Yeomanry Medium Regiment, Royal Artillery, in action in Italy, September 1943. Notice the soldiers heavily bandaged thum
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