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  1. Re John Bell Galloway, His age on enlistment was 32 He was posted to “A” company 1st Regiment He was a seaman at the time . He died of disease “fatty degeneration of the heart” He was unmarried. John
  2. Fritz, This is as quoted in Royal Navy Aircraft Serials and Units (1911-1919) by . Sturtivant & Page. John
  3. Oswald Noel Walmseley was born on the 24th Dec 1894 in Wimbledon London, By the 29th Jan 1915 he had passed his flying test and joined the Royal Naval Air Service. His record of service makes stark reading . 21/06/15-AVRO 504 no 179 landed in marsh in error for aerodrome and damaged Lt Walmseley injured. 22/07/15- Bristol Scout no 1248 Forced landing near Rochford. 18/09/15 - Curtiss J.N.3 no 3391 Damaged upon landing at Grain. 06/11/15 - Sopwith Schneider Seaplane no 3754 On transit to Grain forced landing (Due to engine failure). 20/03/16 - Short 184 no 8053 ZEEBRUGGER Raid, Failed to take off from water. 07/04/16 - Sopwith Baby no8171 Wrecked en rout to H.M.S. Vindex. 13/04/16 - Sopwith Baby no 8143 to H.M.S. Vindex, 04/05/16 Take off for TONDERN Raid, Crashed in mast of H.M.S. Goshawk off Schleswig-Holstein Flight Lieutenant Walmesley Killed. R.I.P.
  4. A few photos of the Royal Naval Air Service Air and Land.
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