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  1. There would be several possibilities for medical personnel attached to a Feldlazarett. This would include various ranks of physicians, medical orderlies - Krankenwärter (nurses), Sanitätsunteroffiziere, Etappen Sanitäts Kolonne with Freiwilliger Krankenpflege. Krankenwärter wore dark blue shoulder straps with a medium blue piping and yellow Arabic corps number. M1915. Krankenträger wore Karmasinrot (carmine) colored shoulder straps with no piping and yellow Arabic company number. M1907-M1915. Doctors, Assistenzarzt and above, had a dark blue velvet underlay on their boards, Unterarzt had a dark blue board. Freiwilliger Krankenpflege had their own system of shoulder board ranks, as they were volunteer medical personnel and not part of the army medical service.
  2. Three gas mask cans with Austrian marked masks. Two are the Austrian stepped pattern and one is a German supplied can.
  3. A selection of Austrian insignia from my collection. Included are several storm troop Kappenabzeichen.
  4. My three Austrian field caps. One is feldgrau wool felt, the other two are hechtgrau, one wool and the other wool felt.
  5. The picture of the canteen with cover and full harness is from my collection.
  6. The "UCI" marks are from a California costume company, now long closed. Many WWI era French, German, British items were sold off and are found in collections all over the world. All items are marked "UCI" United Costume Inc.
  7. The shoulder loops (Laschen) for the Bluse were authorized in 1917. These loops do appear on Blusen dated 1916. It is unknown how this would happen other than these loops would have been added to unissued tunics on hand in the Bekleidungsämter.
  8. A Feldlazarette interpretation would make no sense, as this is a pioneer/Verkehrstruppen cap and has nothing to do with the medical establishment.
  9. The "Landsturmschnitt" specifically relates to a Waffenrock designated for issue to the entire army in 1914. It has nothing to do with the description of a Bluse.
  10. Once again, an early dated Bluse with buttons left over from the previous pattern simplified Rock. As with my previously mentioned Bavarian Bluse, dated 1916 with lion buttons, stocks of the earlier buttons were used until supplies were exhausted. This is, more commonly seen on Bavarian jackets, so thanks for posting this.
  11. I'm sure these buttons are okay, but do be warned that they are being reproduced. The last pair of boards that I bought had reproduction buttons on them.
  12. Same three holes on the back and same catch as the black Bavarian buckle that I showed above. Interesting.
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