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  1. Aye, yeah that does make sense. I still need to get round to watching Das Boot, I've been meaning to for a while now. Thanks again, Tom
  2. Wow, very interesting that the crews preferred our kit. Thanks again for the great information, I hope I can have that much knowledge at one point Many thanks, Tom
  3. Thanks so much again Fritz. If/when I get round to getting some more BD uniform pieces and start putting a set together I'll definitely post it up on here to make sure it's all correct etc, Many thanks, Tom,
  4. Thanks for the information Fritz, I will definitely look into getting a complete WW2 original set. It all looks very interesting, Many thanks, Tom,
  5. Cheers Fritz, I'll be looking out for some over the near future, Tom,
  6. Cheers again both of you, yeah I've got the page now . One last question what is the collctibility or rarity of this BD, I'm assuming not very but I must reiterate I know jack-all about uniforms really. But I do hope to start collecting WW2 and post war, like this BDs and uniforms as they seem cool and interesting. Tom,
  7. Thanks guys, Yeah definitely looks like the 1918 GSM. Very interesting information which I will look into further myself. By FB group I assume you mean Facebook, can you point towards this group as I can't seem to find it with a simple search. Many thanks again for all this wonderful information, Tom
  8. Cheers Fritz, Any idea of the significance of the yellow background? Does the supposed Stonehenge badge represent the unit or similar? Thanks much for your information, I'm sure someone else will be able to fill the gaps, Tom
  9. Evening all, I'm more of a helmet guy so I have not much knowledge in uniforms. I found this today for 40 quid in an antique shop. It's a Royal Army Service Corps 1955 dated 1949 pattern Battledress Blouse. It has a patch with an image of a stone that looks like it's from Stonehenge? There is also 1 crown on the epaulettes, not too sure of rankings of this period, looks like a major but I doubt it is? Also what medals do the ribbons correspond to? I stupidly through the tag that was with it in the shop but it didn't have that much info. All I remember was that it mentioned Salisbury and Africa?? Any info on what the RASC was doing around this time would be much appreciated as there doesn't seem to be too much online about them although I'll do some more research now. I've no clue about all this so any help is much appreciated as you lot know your stuff. Many thanks, Tom
  10. Hi Kenny, I asked some people on another forum and they said that: If the helmet has non standard khaki paint, a 1937/1938 dated liner, MKI chinstrap fitting and strap, plus a division flash to a known BEF unit , then it has a chance.
  11. Just a general enquiry, How do you tell if a Brodie Mk.1* was used by the British Expeditionary Force. I.E. Was there any special markings? What colour were they (one of he various military greens or even brown?)? Is there a certain manufacturer or date? Many Thanks, Tom
  12. Yeah, it’s the first time I’ve ever seen flashes on a Civil Defence aswell. Must be un-official.
  13. Yeah, that poster is my best friend when it comes to identification. But I can not find anything about the flashes anywhere. The black R on White background is not very common either, I don’t think.
  14. Thank Leon, I removed the liner and gave the helmet a soak in warm soapy water and gave it a scrub with a sponge and a toothbrush. The surface seems surprisingly smooth now, yet rusty (not flakey, it has formed a smooth layer). I’m not sure if my eyes were deceiving me but it did seem I was revealing some patches of paint. But yeah I think I will leave as is and preserve it. Many Thanks, Tom
  15. As many of you know I have a Brodie Mk.1* in some form of Parliamentary defence markings (as of yet I am still trying to find out what they are/mean as I cannot find any traces of these markings, see my forum post about it for more info) . Should I try and remove some of the rust? I have read some methods online but I am unsure whether I should and which is recommended by those with experience. I am unsure whether this could backfire and remove the little bits of paint and the markings. Many thanks, Tom I seem to be the only person posting recently
  16. A load of other photos which may help: Liner markings show it was made in Wheathampstead, near London. Unfortunately the helmet markings cannot be seen under the paint.
  17. Hi all, This query is on behalf of a friend, ————————————— (Copied from Facebook) Hello can anyone tell me what the green and brown markings are on this 1939 rescue Brodie thanks for any help. ————————————— I was thinking it was a district/area marking for a higher ranking Rescue warden (maybe district head or something due to black R on white coat). He also agrees. Many Thanks, Tom P.S. Liner and helmet marking photos coming soon.
  18. I wonder what happened to them all? Bargain at that price, about £18 in todays money.
  19. Wow, would’ve sold for a lot.
  20. Hi all, it’s me again. I have a query regarding Mk.1* Brodies, I always thought 1*s where ‘refurbished’ / ‘refitted’ WW1 Mk.1 Brodies. Where these then re-stamped because I have a Mk.1* stamped 1939 or did they continue to produce Mk.1s but under the name Mk.1* for WW2? Many thanks, Tom
  21. Sorry for late reply Leon but here you go: Hard to get a good angle with enough light without having to remove the liner.
  22. Here you go: Just given it a little clean and put my liner bolt from my other Mk.1*.
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