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  1. Hi Kenny, I think I'll bide my time as there's plenty about and I want to be sure to pick up a ww2 one for the project I've got in mind. Thanks, much appreciated as always.
  2. Hello all I am wanting to get a hold of a ww2 shell as I want to use the bottom for an upcycling project I have in mind. I've found this for sale online which is described as a ww2 case but I'm unsure as I can't make out a date and neither can the seller. My question is this, is there any other way to determine if it's ww2 (as I don't want to use a WW1 case). Thanks in advance.
  3. Cheers Kenny - I forgot about the yellow on the RAF
  4. Hello guys Building on a previous question about Adrian helmet symbols (in which I discovered that a green triangle may indicate resistance). I was wondering if anyone knew this insignia. It reminds me of the RAF - is it French Airforce? Thanks in advance.
  5. Thanks Fritz, thought it seemed a bit souvenir'ish
  6. There was a knife/dagger in with the tins I upcycled. It seems poorly made (guard moves about) and there's no marks/stamps on it. Anybody have any idea what it is? Thanks
  7. Thanks Fritz, still a nice looking helmet. Might see if the parts are kicking about online.
  8. That would be cool! Funny you should say that as I was thinking about taking a punt on this pickelhaube shell if i could get it for around £50. I'm toying with the idea of restoring with repro parts as the original helmets are out of my price range. Any idea if the shell is legit and if it's worth £50? Should I be looking for makers marks like ww2 helmets?
  9. YMuch appreciated, I like the idea of aging the hands thanks for the idea Kenny. Here's the lamp I mentioned as well (the ammo box was rusted through underneath as it had been sitting in water)
  10. Hello all I've recently been given a couple of historical items (an ammo box and first aid tin) that have seen better days. As a result, I decided to upcycle them turning them into a clock and lamp. I thought I'd share them as I was interested in gauging opinion on upcycling - sacrilege or saving?
  11. Great info as usual guys. Much appreciated.
  12. Hi everyone, Following my previous queries and a recent visit to the Hotel National des Invalide in Paris (much to the disgruntlement of my wife) had got me looking at Victorian Kepi's/hats in general. I've found this example during googling - I'm assuming it's British from the style of the crown. Can anyone tell me if British troops wore the Kepi or if they used a Shako at this point? Is this a legit piece of uniform or an inaccurate reproduction? Thanks
  13. Thanks Fritz, it looks like it's the later examples I've been coming across in my research Any ideas why some have insignia and some don't?
  14. I also keep finding a mix of Kepi's with the insignia stitched on and those without the badge on the front. Does anyone know if they would have been plain or have a stitched badge? Thanks again
  15. Hi all I'm reading a book that has French Foreign Legion soldiers in and it's started me researching the uniform early 1900s I am stumped regarding their headwear. I can find similar Kepi hats when googling - all are predominantly dark blue, leather band with red felt trim. But the hats I have come across range from ww2 to virtually modern day. The only difference I can see is brass buttons or silver buttons Does anyone know if there's a way to determine if they're pre 1900, ww1 ww2, 50s etc... The hats I've found are largely made by Piere Huard & Co Thanks in advance
  16. UPDATE: Just realised it's an eBay sale so I've removed my query due to concerns over the legitimacy of the cap. Thanks anyway
  17. Wow that's some serious wear and tear! Thanks
  18. Hi everyone, I've found another badge/symbol that has me stumped. Does anyone have an idea if this pleated circular plate is a badge or something that's been added (it's on an Adrian helmet) Thanks in advance
  19. Thanks Kenny for the info, much appreciated. I've been digging around to find out a bit more but there doesn't seem to be many for sale. Interestingly the one's I've found include his wife's name as well.
  20. Hello everyone, I've just been given this Christmas card from Lord Mountbatten when he was the last Viceroy of India (it looks legit). It came from my long gone great auntie who was married to a Lord Mayor - it was given to him by him by someone he knew, I presume in a similar kind of role/position. I'm not interested in selling but was wondering if anyone knew what kind of value/interest an item like this would have. I'm aware that he was only in India for a short time so was wondering if things like this are quite rare? Thanks in advance for any comments/advice.
  21. Great, thanks for your continued indulgence. My next move is to see if I can find the triangular badge missing from the front to try and identify my example. Any suggestions would help - strangely I find myself becoming obsessed with investigating wartime helmets I think I've caught the bug
  22. In my research, there seems to be a mixture of the fully blue/green ones and ones that have chrome bits (see example). Am I right in thinking that the chrome pieces indicate that the helmet was non-combat. I assume this based on the fact I wouldn't want to be sitting in a trench or bunker with a shiny hat on
  23. Thanks for the info it's all helping me get a grasp of what i'm looking at when researching.
  24. Thanks Kenny, after a bit more research I believe it ww2 civic defence rather different to the ww1 combat shell it is being sold as.
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