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  1. Here are images of the 5 Ships of the German South Seas Squadron. All images from other sources.
  2. The wreck of Admiral Graf von Spee's Flagship SMS Sharnhorst. sunk during the Battle of the Falklands Islands in 1914 has been recently found off the coast of the Falklands. During the Battle the Sharnhorst was sunk first with the Admiral aboard, his sons on the Gneisenau and the Nurnberg also went down with their ships, the Leipzig was also sunk the only ship in the South Seas Squadron to escape was the Dresden.
  3. Hi Buster, not all shells were stamped I have one stamped BMB but it is very faint and hard to read, others I've seen just have a code stamp like G30 and date but no manufacturer stamp. Nice looking helmet in good condition.
  4. Hello Tankie 1RTR didn't we speak about your grandfather over the phone awhile ago, or was that someone else. Have you tried to find his service records if not there are several sites you could try like Fold 3 or Forces-War-Records/Records most of the WW2 records seem to be held on these sites.
  5. Thanks for the new information on XH helmets, your never to old to learn something new.
  6. Here we have a US M1917 helmet marked ZD75 has no liner but shell is in good condition. Photo's from other sources.
  7. And here we have a WW1 helmet FKS93 by Thomas Firth & Sons Ltd of Sheffield Both Manufacturer and Steel Supplier and Heat/Batch code 93. Photo's from other sources.
  8. Here's another WW1 rimless helmet D/F 7 made by James Dixon & Sons of Sheffield and Steel Supplier Thomas Firth & Sons of Sheffield and Heat/Batch code 7, looks like it has been refurbished has a Portuguese Legion Emblem on front. Photo's from other sources.
  9. Here's a WW1 rimless helmet R/A 123 made around 1916 by John Round & Sons Ltd of Sheffield and Steel Supplier Edgar Allen & Co Ltd of Sheffield And Heat/Batch code 123, was later refurbished and a BMB 1940 Liner fitted. Photo's from other sources.
  10. Here's another WW2 helmet used by the Ambulance service made by Joseph Sankey & Son ltd of Bilston stamped JSS I 1939 and heat code HD. Photo's from other sources.
  11. Here's a copy of his medal index card if you haven't got one Buster, could not find any other information about him, other than he also served in the Black Watch Royal Highlanders.
  12. Here's another WW2 Helmet by Harrison Bros & Howson, has the Black Cat emblem of 56th Infantry ( London Division ) shell marked HBH II 1943 and heat No 433. Also two other 1939 stamp marks note the heat code on these are 2 letters. Photo's from other sources.
  13. Here's another helmet I spotted used by a Company Officer of fire force 10 most likely Louth in Lincolnshire, looks like they never bothered to put a NFS sticker on the front but just put the rank band over the top of the f10 instead.
  14. Here's a photo I forgot I had of the other M35 helmet with SS single decal never sure if the decal was original stamped SEst 64.
  15. Yes I would have to agree, it's 80 years old and bound to have a few problems, I keep mine in a display cabinet were they are kept dry.
  16. Welcome to the forum DD1975, yes the G11 is the Heat/batch number, nice looking helmet. Nice to see the Barrow Hepburn & Gale Ltd liner don't see them very often, thanks for posting much appreciated.
  17. Here's another British made helmet stamped HS.407 by Hadfields Ltd of Sheffield both Manufacturer and Steel Supplier and Steel Batch 407, has the US Third Division emblem to front of helmet. Photo's from other sources.
  18. Here's a helmet made by J&J Maxfield & Sons Ltd of Sheffield stamped MLS 36 who was both Manufacturer and Steel Supplier and Steel Batch 36. Photo's from other sources.
  19. Wasn't sure they made liners, if they did it could well be. Failsworth Hats Ltd., I know during the war years the Company was actively employed in Ministry of Supply work making headgear for the forces, like hand crafted flying helmets for the RAF, Nurses hats and some Aircraft parts, they also made special equipment for Commando Frogmen.
  20. It could be made by one of the unknown smaller manufacturers, I've not seen that mark before, could you post a photo of the whole of the inside of the helmet for me please.
  21. Hi Buster, here's some info on Percy Gander aged 27 when he joined up for duty 27.11.15 at Grove Park, lived at 7 St Pancras Terraces Southern Lewes. Before he joined the army worked for Ballard & Co Brewers Southern Lewes as a Steam Engine Driver, he was Discharged in 1918 after suffering from Bronchial Pneumonia which left him with a weak chest. Here's some documents.
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    I had a K98 several years ago made by E.u.F. Horster that was stamped 39 on the blade spine also.
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    Very nice example Buster.
  24. Thanks Guys. much appreciated.
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