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  1. Welcome to the forum Mbonney, if you post the photo's we will try and identify them for you.
  2. I think most likely made mid to late 1916, It's not clear when the donut was added in 1917.
  3. Welcome to the forum Tyneside Rob, looking at your helmet marks I would say the Steel Supplier is Edgar Allen & Co Ltd of Sheffield with Batch No 110. I don't think there is a Manufacture stamp mark, which would suggest to me that it is made by one of the Manufactures not part of the Sheffield Munitions Groups. Two makers come to mind that did not mark their helmets but only had the Steel Suppliers mark and batch number they were Joseph Sankey & Son Ltd, and Bleriot Ltd. You could try rubbing talc into the marks to see if there is another mark before the l
  4. Glad the talc worked for you Panzerman, if you watch the 5 minute film on page 1 of this post you will learn a bit more about the M1917 helmet, the film has no sound but well worth watching.
  5. Welcome to the forum Panzerman, the first helmet is British made and stamped H.V. 306 H = W.Hutton & Sons Ltd of Sheffield ( Manufacturer ) V = Vickers Ltd of Sheffield ( Steel Supplier ) 306 being the batch number of steel used. Second helmet looks like a M1917 American made I can make out the letter Z and maybe a B Followed by two numbers maybe a 3 or 8 then a 6 try rubbing on some talc to enhance the stamp marks. Hope this helps.
  6. Here are a few images of blackout shields used on cars and motorcycles.
  7. Here's a reproduced pocket book Information for American Servicemen coming to Britain in 1942, I've scanned several pages makes interesting reading.
  8. Next we have a 2 page leaflet First Aid in Brief issued by the Ministry of Health and Department of Health for Scotland.
  9. Next we have a 2 page leaflet Stay Were You Are issued by the Ministry of Information.
  10. Here are images of Civil Defence leaflets 1 & 2 which I don't have in my collection still looking for them.
  11. Next we have Civil Defence Fire Precautions in War-Time 4 page leaflet No 5.
  12. Nice looking helmet Kievit, thanks for posting the photo's.
  13. Next we have Civil Defence Food in War-Time 4 page leaflet No 4.
  14. Next we have a Civil Defence Evacuation 4 page leaflet No 3 from a set of 5.
  15. Here's an 8 page War Emergency information and instruction pull out leaflet from WW2.
  16. Here we have a Zuckerman helmet stamped 1/1941 AMC = Austin Motors Co of Longbridge Cowley fitted with a liner by C.C.& S Ltd unknown maker at this time? Photo's from other sources.
  17. Here's a M1917 helmet stamped ZA 248 has a repo liner made by Prairie Flower Leather Co also has painted on the front of helmet a Clover and Circled 89. Photo's from other sources.
  18. Spotted this nice looking WW1 British rimless private purchase Officers Brodie helmet for sale, it has a silk and leather liner made by Lincoln Bennett & Co of Piccadilly London, with Registration No 666105. There is no makers stamp on the helmet rim but it has a bronze Artillery badge fitted to front of helmet. Photo's from other sources.
  19. Here we have a good example of a Zuckerman helmet dated 5/1941 and made by PSC = Pressed Steel Company of Cowley Oxford. Has a size 7 liner made by BMB = Briggs Motor Bodies Ltd of Dagenham and dated 1941. The helmets were only made in two sizes and stamped with a M ( medium ) or L ( large ). Photo's from other sources.
  20. Here we have another British WW1 helmet stamped H/S 307 = Hadfield Ltd of Sheffield both ( Manufacturer & Steel Supplier ) With Heat/Batch No 307, has no liner or chinstrap. Photo's from other sources.
  21. Here's a M1917 helmet stamped UC 305 still has its liner and chinstrap although not attached to chinstrap lugs. Photo's from other sources.
  22. Here's a M1917 helmet stamped ZA 28 has no liner or chinstrap only wool pad remaining. Photo's from other sources.
  23. Here's another Victory Helmet this one is made by the Bailey Hat Co of L.A. Photo's from other sources.
  24. Here's a WW2 Civil Defence helmet I've not seen before called the Victory Helmet made by Eagleson & Co. Photo's from other sources.
  25. Welcome to the forum, does it have a makers stamp mark on the inside of the shell.
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