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  1. Very nice Paul I have a few stamps myself, here are just a few.
  2. Here's an unusual death plaque to Lance Corporal Hubert Sutton of the Surrey Yeomanry ( Queen Mary's Regiment ). He was born on 25.10.1892 in Stockwell Surrey, he joined A Squadron of the Surrey Yeomanry ( Territorial Force ) at West Croydon Clapham in 1913. On the outbreak of war he volunteered for Foreign service and was transferred to C Squadron with service No 1757, part of 29 Division based in Warwickshire during Jan 1915. They embarked at Avonmouth for Egypt on 17th March and arrived in Alexandria on 2nd April C Squadron was then transferred to Imbos on 26th June were the troops initially served at General Headquarters, and it was during this period that he was promoted to Lance Corporal. Following this he was to see service in the Dardanelles campaign fighting in the trenches at Gallipoli. Lance Corporal H. Sutton lost his life due to disease contracted in the trenches, and died on board ship of Enteritis on the 21st August 1915, the most likely cause was by eating or drinking food or water contaminated with the E-Coli bacteria which proved fatal. He was laid to rest at Pieta Military Cemetery in Malta grave 2 row 10 plot A, buried with him are 2 other soldiers they are as follows Corporal J. Harrison 1444 Royal Army Vet Corps attached to 87th Infantry Brigade who died on 24th August 1915 aged 58, of 3 Grove Lane Retford Nottingham born 1857 and husband of Margaret E Harrison he was in the 18th Mobile Veterinary Section of 29th Division, it was in effect a first aid unit, providing medical care for sick, wounded or injured horses used by the division. The other soldier is private H Airey 17444 of 6th Loyal North Lancashire Regiment little is known about him but did find out how he died, he was killed while supporting the 16th Australian Battalion in trenches near Aghyl Dere on the 25th August 1915. I found Hubert Sutton's Obituary in De Ruyigny roll of honour Vol 1 page 347, it Quotes that he was interested in literature and was a good writer, his parents published a posthumous work entitled "Fragments of Verse" and a excerpt from his poetry was engraved on his headstone which reads "Love And Battle Make Life Nobel But Time Flies Fast And Time Is Long" H.S. On the rear of his Death Plaque the following words are engraved ( Surrey Yeoman met his Death at Gallipoli 1915 Buried at Malta aged 23 ). Here are a few Documents.
  3. leon21

    Progaganda Postcards

    Yes I have some of the pre-printed stamp postcards, here are few examples used and unused.
  4. leon21

    Progaganda Postcards

    I've no idea who put the stamp on Paul.
  5. leon21

    NSKK Drivers Badge

    I've not seen one before, rather nice looking badge.
  6. This badge came up for auction recently guide price £ 30-£ 50 no makers marks on reverse.
  7. leon21

    Progaganda Postcards

    And here's a portrait sketch by Professor von Kursell, and printed by Hans Glogner of Berlin.
  8. leon21

    Progaganda Postcards

    Here are a couple of Hoffmann post cards I have
  9. leon21

    Brodie style "Card Board Adult"Helmet

    Welcome to the forum Doug, interesting helmet I've not seen one like that before, there are other helmets made of card board by Cromwell Ltd has your helmet any makers marks.
  10. leon21

    South African Brigade on the Western Front

    Here's a couple of post card images ( from other sources ).
  11. Here's a couple more unknown maker marks from private manufacturers MXAC3 found on a chief wardens helmet, and ET 1940 found on a Home Guard helmet.
  12. Here's some more coins. Elizabeth II - Crown ( Five Shillings ) 1965. George VI - Half Crowns ( Two and Six Pence ) 1947,1948. Elizabeth II - Half Crowns 1955, 1956, 1957, 1958, 1964. George VI - Florin ( Two Shillings ) 1947. Elizabeth II - Shillings 1953, 1956, 1960, 1966. Elizabeth II - Six Pence 1961. Elizabeth II - Three Pence 1953. Elizabeth II - Bronze Penny and Half Penny 1967. And a Proof Set containing last examples of the old coinage 1970.
  13. Here's three British Armed Forces tokens used in NAAFI canteens and clubs. 1st one half penny token from 1946. 2nd two half franc tokens from 1944 used in France. Tokens made from Bakelite.
  14. leon21

    WW2 Tin Hat - Help With Identification

    I would agree the paint looks post war, the helmet may be a private purchase made helmet by one of the unknown manufacturers hence the lack of any marks on helmet and liner. factory finished in black most likely used first by someone in one of the civil defence services.
  15. Yes the notes were used by both in 1948 these notes were withdrawn and replaced by the currency of West Germany and East Germany.