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  1. Go online and search for WW1 Brodie helmets for sale, there should be a few sites selling helmets see what prices they are asking to get an idea what they are selling for.
  2. Welcome to the forum, the helmet you have stamped HS 236 was made by Hadfield Ltd of Sheffield and the No 236 being the Heat/Batch No of steel used. Hadfield Ltd was both ( Manufacturer and Steel Supplier ).
  3. Here we have another made British helmet stamped FS 201 = Thomas Firth & Sons Ltd of Sheffield both ( Manufacturer & Steel Supplier ) with Heat/Batch No 201. Helmet in good condition still has it's liner and chinstrap. Photo's from other sources.
  4. Here we have another made British WW1 helmet stamped LS 21 these marks are thought to be the Leadbeater & Scott Co of Sheffield but this has never been proven. Photo's from other sources.
  5. Here we have another British made WW1 helmet stamped D/A 81 = James Dixon & Sons Ltd of Sheffield ( Manufacturer ) and Edgar Allen & Co Ltd of Sheffield ( Steel Supplier ) and Heat/Batch No 81 of steel used. Helmet has US 91st Wild West Division emblem on front. Photo's from other sources.
  6. Here we have a British made WW1 helmet stamped M/A 1 = J&J. Maxfield & Sons Ltd of Sheffield ( Manufacturer ) and Edgar Allen & Co Ltd of Sheffield ( Steel Supplier ) this has to be the first batch of steel this company produced in 1916, helmet in very good condition for it's age still has it's original liner and chin strap. Photo's from other sources.
  7. Here are a few of the test helmet stamp marks made by the Crosby Manufacturing Company. The Company had their own Steel Lot stamp marks ie- KCco, NCco,and OCco, these were used to identify the different heats of steel made. Other later marks known to have been used by Crosby were WA, and ZAO, the company was involved in early Experimental and devised their own letter codes to identify the different heats of steel produced. Once M1917 production began to speed up, they asked if they could keep their own system of marking, but were told by the Ordnance Department t
  8. Yes more than likely one of their own workers acting as a fire watcher.
  9. Here we have a Zuckerman helmet stamped RO&CO 9/41 = Rubery Owen & Co Ltd of Leeds. Has the name McEwan Brewery On front of helmet, liner is stamped but can't read the name of maker. Photo's from other sources.
  10. Here we have a helmet for the North Eastern Region No 5 Fire Force HQ Aberdeen, no makers mark but has a liner by BMB dated 1940. These type of helmets are getting harder to find these days. Note the NFS logo has been removed at some stage. Photo's from other sources.
  11. Merry Christmas and a happy New Year to everyone and stay safe.
  12. Welcome to the forum Sue, both helmets are from the WW2 period the first with the letters MB is a Zuckerman helmet which were used by civilian volunteers in various roles , is there a letter M or L stamped near the hole this was the size of the helmet, if you look at the helmets index you will see a post about Zuckerman helmets not sure what the MB stands for. Second helmet is a brodie helmet, if you look inside the liner were the X shape rubber is there should be stamp marks on the metal cross bands normally makers letters and date, no idea what the emblem is.
  13. Thanks, learnt a bit more about the M1917 helmet marks today Thanks again.
  14. Nice looking helmet Edoguy, interesting stamp mark I've not seen that before would you like to share you finding with us.
  15. Welcome Annette, nice looking helmet I agree with Gildwiller your helmet still has part of the label which would read ( Tighten Cord and ajust netting to fit head). I've never seen a helmet that has the solders initials on the outside of the helmet before, you normally find them on the in side of the shell or on the liner. I'm thinking it could have used post WW1 by someone in a volunteer role as a Fire Party member this is only a guess though.
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