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  1. Welcome Swampygibbo, I've copied and enhanced your image and blown it up but still can't make out the letter above the heat number, Looking at the stamp mark style it could be a HV stamp mark which would be W.Hutton & Sons Manufacture/Vickers Steel Supplier, You could try rubbing some talc/baby powder over the marks or lightly rubbing with wet and dry sandpaper or fine wire wool to enhance the marks.
  2. Here's another British made helmet stamped HBH = Harrison Bros & Howson of Sheffield with Heat/Batch code ZT and dated II/1938, Liner stamped Helmets Ltd of Wheathampstead and dated I/1937. Has the NFS logo and Western Region No 1 on front also the red band of a Leading Fireman. Photo's from other sources.
  3. Here's a WW2 British helmet stamped EB = Eveson Brothers of Worcester and dated 1/1943, Liner stamped CCL II 1943 = Christy & Co Ltd of London. Photo's from other sources.
  4. Here's another helmet that could be passed of as British, this is the 1949 Belgium model copied from the British MII Brodie, made for the Belgium Army from 1949 - 1952, it has no marking on the helmet shell but the liner is stamped with all the information you need. Stamped ABL = Armee Belge/Belgissche Leger ( Belgium Army issue ). 1949 = The Model. XB = The Manufacturer Xavier Buisset Vilvoorde. 1950 = The year of production. Photo's from other sources.
  5. A belated Happy Birthday Fritz
  6. Spotted 4 of these Civil Defence helmets being sold on an American website, the seller listed them as being used by the US during WW2 and after. This helmet is post war Dutch made and stamped VB 56-1sln on the inside rim, VB = Verblifa , 56 the year, and batch code 1sln. They were only made from 1955 to the end of 1956 and have become collectors items in their own rite, but many are being passed off as British to the unwary collector. Photos from other sources.
  7. Here we have another British made Police helmet has no makers mark only Heat/Batch code G22 and dated 1939, I have seen a lot of these G marked helmets over the years, has no liner or chin strap. Photo's from other sources.
  8. Here we have an early made British Police helmet stamped HBH = Harrison Bros & Howson of Sheffield with Heat/Batch code ZB II/1938, the police letters to front of helmet have been removed as this helmet has been used as a prop for theatre productions. Photo's from other sources.
  9. Here we have a WW2 British made helmet stamped RO.CO = Rubery Owen & Co Ltd of Leeds with Heat/Batch code DS 1/1939. Has the NFS and Regional number 5 sticker for Bradford on front of helmet, also has owners Id number on inside rim. Photo's from other sources.
  10. Here's another helmet by E Camelinat & Co Ltd of Birmingham with Heat/Batch code 417 and dated 1/1943. Photo's from other sources.
  11. Here we have a WW2 British made helmet stamped EC & Co Ltd = E Camelinat & Co Ltd of Birmingham and Heat/Batch code T 784 and dated 1/1939 and liner by Helmets Ltd also dated 1/1939. Has the letter R for Rescue on front. Photo's from other sources.
  12. Here's a WW1 British made helmet stamped HS 409 = Hadfields Ltd of Sheffield both ( Manufacturer and Steel Supplier ) with Heat/Batch code 409 in good condition with Red Brodie stamp mark on liner. Photo's from other sources.
  13. Here's another British made helmet stamped FS 153 = Thomas Firth & Sons of Sheffield both ( Manufacturer and Steel Supplier ) Heat/Batch 153 is in good condition and has the rubber ring which was introduced in 1917. Photo's from other sources.
  14. Yes I agree, I noticed one seller had used part of the Makers of WW2 liners list on page one to help sell his helmet, so looks like some people are taking note of what we are saying.
  15. Yes I find this a lot on American websites if a helmet has a US Division emblem on the helmet.
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