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  1. Have you checked the cross band of the liner it should be stamped Jager Rand with a arrow inside a letter U and dated.
  2. At first glance I would say this is not a British made helmet most likely made by one of the allied countries of the 30s or 40s looking at the type of liner and the chin strap lugs. The shell could well have been refurbished at some stage and repainted over what looks like the original textured sand colour, it may have seen service post war it's hard to tell it's been so heavily over painted.
  3. Welcome RSP, can you tell me if there are any rivets holding the chin strap lugs or showing on the outside of the helmet shell rim. From the photo's I can't tell if there are any.
  4. Nice display, I like the framed newspapers a nice backdrop for the bayonets.
  5. Welcome to the forum Blackjack Joe, nice looking helmet, thanks for posting the photo's.
  6. I think you mean Kenny, I have a copy of this film it's very good.
  7. Hi Dustyvon, the original lining securing bolt for the MK1 helmet had a habit of coming loose causing the liner to spin inside the helmet shell. A redesigned bolt with a longer screw thread of 9.37mm compared to 7.8mm was introduced this nut called the " Simmonds Elastic Stop Nut" Made by Messers Nevilles ( Liverpool ) Ltd. The nut was made of brass and contained a rubber washer which stopped the bolt from coming loose. Below is a photo of the rubber washer in place, not sure if you can buy these now but there are repro ones on sale on the net in all brass. Hope this helps.
  8. Here we have a WW1 British made helmet stamped MLS 48 = Miris Steel Co of London both ( Manufacturer and Steel Supplier ) and Heat/Batch number 48, still has its liner and chin strap. Photo's from other sources.
  9. Here we have another M1917 helmet stamped ZD 208 still has its liner but no chin strap. Photo's from other sources.
  10. Here we have another M1917 helmet stamped UC 304 still has its liner but no chin strap other wise in good condition. Photo's from other sources.
  11. Welcome to the forum Charles, James Dixon & sons only used a single letter D so a helmet made by them would always start with a letter D. So a helmet made by them and stamped D/F 67, so the letter D refers to James Dixon & Sons as the Manufacturer and the letter F is the Steel Supplier Thomas Firth & Sons with the Heat/Batch code. Any helmet starting with a letter Z and followed by another letter and numbers means it was made in America. Below is a typical stamp mark for James Dixons & Sons.
  12. Here we have another British made helmet stamped BMB L81 1/1941 = Briggs Motor Bodies Ltd of Dagenham with batch code L81 still has its liner and chin strap and good clear stamp marks. Photo's from other sources.
  13. Here we have a British made helmet stamped F. & L. 315 1/1939 = Fisher & Ludlow Ltd of Birmingham and Batch code 315 also has a Vero 1938 dated liner. it is missing a chin strap but in good general condition. photo's from other sources.
  14. Here we have another Canadian helmet stamped G.S.W. D.P.& H. made by General Steel Wares of Toronto for the Department of Pensions, and Health, and Welfare. for use on the home front. These helmets were made of a mild steel and were not to be used in combat. They also hade no raised rivet on the outside of the shell, and were not date stamped, they were fitted with a V.M.C. II liner ( 1942 ) size 7 I/4. Here are two photo's of workers inspecting helmets inside the factory during WW2. Photo's from other sources.
  15. Here we have a Canadian made helmet stamped G.S.W. AC. 1941 made by General Steel Wares of Toronto, no liner or chin strap but still has part of its original burlap camouflage. Photo's from other sources.
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