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  1. Looks good together Buster.
  2. Pte Harry Shackleton 61804, joined the Northumberland Fusiliers in Newcastle in 1916, he was Attached to the 9th Service Battalion but did not arrive in France till 1917. The Battalion was part of the 103rd Brigade of the 34th Division, Pte Shackleton was to see action in the Third Battles of Ypres during 1917. On September 25th the 9th Battalion absorbed the 21st Northumberland Hussars into their ranks and became known as the 9th Northumberland Hussars Battalion. During 1918 the Battalion was involved in defensive actions in the first Battles of the Somme 1918 German Offensive, all the enemy's attacks were successfully repulsed, earning special mention in F M. Lord Haig's official despatches for it's gallant defence. The Battalion then joined 183rd Brigade of 61st ( 2nd South Midlands ) Division on the La Bassee canal near Bethune were the Germans launched the Second Phase of their Offensive. After suffering heavy losses during the battles they were withdrawn from fighting and moved to the area west of Poperinge were it was reorganised while put to work digging a new defensive line. The Battalion later took part in the final advance in Picardy. Pte Shackleton survived the Great War Battles of 1917 and 1918 and was a member of the British Army Occupation Force in Germany. Medals image from other sources.
  3. Here's a copy of his medal index card.
  4. Yes that's the Royal Arsenal Woolwich mark, below is a better image.
  5. Nice set buster, is the back of the plaque stamped WA or blank ?
  6. Here's a run down of his service record. HMS Vivid.II ( Shore Establisment ) Plymouth Naval Barracks and Training Unit ( Stokers and Engine Room Artificers School ). From 28th July 1911 to 1st January 1912 with the rank of Stoker 2nd Class. HMS Orion, attached to the Dreadnought Battleship as Stoker 1st Class after being promoted from 2nd January 1912 to 4th February 1913. HMS Vivid II back at shore base between postings or more training from 5th February 1913 to 3rd April 1913. HMS Egmont ( Base ship/ Depot ship ) attached from 4th April 1913 to 12th May 1913. HMS Medea a Marathon-Class Cruiser from 13th April 1913 to 26th October 1913 with rank of Stoker 1st Class. HMS Defence a Minotaur- Class Armoured Cruiser attached 27th October 1913 to 31st May 1916 with a rank of Acting Leading Stoker. Below are images of. HMS Orion and HMS Medea.
  7. Update. Stephen Edward Ackroyd Leading Stoker K/11721 based at Devonport, born 30th March 1888, son of Stephen and Mary Ellen Ackroyd of Brook lane Oldham. Occupation Piecer cotton mill, joined the Navy in 1911 aged 23, served on several ships from July 1911 to 1916. Married Alice Maud Dransfield on 15th May 1916 at St Marks Church Glodwick, sadly he was killed 16 days later at the Battle of Jutland his wife remained a widow for 22 years, she re-married in April 1938 to Charles Ross. Alice died in December 1954 aged 61.
  8. Here's a video song of the sinking of the Bismarck .
  9. Here's two interesting Brodie Helmets I spotted up for sale online both made by Briggs Motor Bodies of Birmingham. First one has the letters U.X.B. painted on the front of the helmet made in 1941 with a BMB liner of the same date a nice looking helmet. Second is a Alvis car factory fire guard helmet made in 1940 with a Vero liner dated 1940, during WW2 they produced Aircraft Engines as a sub contractor of Rolls-Royce Ltd and other Aircraft Equipment. They also produced the AC1, AC2, and AC3D Armoured Car, the AC2 was subsequently used as a basis for the 39M Csaba Armoured Car they produced a total of 61 for the Royal Hungarian Army and 16 for the Royal Air Force.
  10. Here are the Medals of Pte T4/083116 Arthur Flintoff Driver in the Horse Transport Section of the Army Service Corps, and later transferred to the Labour Corps with new number 674387. Born in 1893 in Gainford a district of Yarm Yorkshire son of William and Eliza Fintoff one of 4 sons and brother to Mary Elizabeth, Herbert, Edward, and Ernest. In 1911 he was living with his married sister and family aged 18 and working as a farm labourer in Winston Darlington, and got married to Ethel. A. Hobson in Teesdale Durham later that year. He enlisted in the A.S.C. of Lord Kitcheners 4th New Territorial Army in 1915, hence the T4 before his number, his Daughter Olive was born later the same year in September. I have not been able to find his Service Records only his medal card so not sure were he served, he was discharged on the 25th January 1919, In 1920 he joined the Post Office Service in Darlington as driver No 80923 and his second daughter Mildred was born in February 1925. In 1926 he moved to Richmond depot and was given the No 80923/20 he was still working there in 1939 and living in the Crab Tree area of Richmond, his son Eric was born in November 1929, Arthur Died in September 1971.
  11. Others. South Eastern - HQ in Edinburgh = No 3 Fire Force. Eastern - HQ in Dundee = No 4 Fire Force. North Eastern - HQ in Aberdeen = No 5 Fire Force. Northern - HQ in Inverness = No 6 Fire Force. Khaki/Green Helmet Rank Markings. Senior Company Officer- 1 Narrow Red Band over 1 Broad Red Band. Company Officer - 1 Broad Red Band. Section Officer - 2 Narrow Red Bands. Leading Fireman - 1 Narrow Red Band. White Helmet Rank Marking. Chief Regional Fire Officer - 1 Broad Red Round Band and Broad Red Bar inscribed Chief Regional Fire Officer. Fire Force Commander - 1 Broad Red Circular Band and Broad Red Bar inscribed Fire Force Commander. Assistant Fire Force Officer - 1 Broad Red Band. Divisional Officer - 2 Narrow Red Bands. Column Officer - 1 Narrow Red Band. Each Fire Area had a Fire Force with a Fire Force Commander and an Assistant Fire Force Commander. A Division comprised of 100 pumps with a Divisional Officer ( 1 per Division ). A Column comprised of 50 pumps with a Column Officer ( 2 per Division ) and a Senior Company Officer ( were necessary ). A Company comprised of 10 pumps with a Company Officer ( 10 per Division ). A Section comprised of 5 pumps with a Section Leader ( 20 per Division ). And a Leading Fireman ( 1 per pump ).
  12. Here's a documentary video Aces Falling.
  13. Not sure if you class these as postage stamps, these are on official documents. 1898 2 Kronen stamp, and 1934 25 Groschen stamp.
  14. Forgot I had these stamps on envelopes, 1938 Takeover of Sudetenland, 1938 Winter Relief Fund, and 1990 British First Day Cover.
  15. You can join on a free months trial to see if you like it as I did, then I stayed for an extra month cost £13.99. It's surprising the amount of information you can find out in a month.
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