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  1. Wasn't sure they made liners, if they did it could well be. Failsworth Hats Ltd., I know during the war years the Company was actively employed in Ministry of Supply work making headgear for the forces, like hand crafted flying helmets for the RAF, Nurses hats and some Aircraft parts, they also made special equipment for Commando Frogmen.
  2. It could be made by one of the unknown smaller manufacturers, I've not seen that mark before, could you post a photo of the whole of the inside of the helmet for me please.
  3. Hi Buster, here's some info on Percy Gander aged 27 when he joined up for duty 27.11.15 at Grove Park, lived at 7 St Pancras Terraces Southern Lewes. Before he joined the army worked for Ballard & Co Brewers Southern Lewes as a Steam Engine Driver, he was Discharged in 1918 after suffering from Bronchial Pneumonia which left him with a weak chest. Here's some documents.
  4. leon21


    I had a K98 several years ago made by E.u.F. Horster that was stamped 39 on the blade spine also.
  5. leon21


    Very nice example Buster.
  6. Thanks Guys. much appreciated.
  7. Here's a nice example of an American made 1917A1 ( Kelly ) helmet made by the ( McCord Radiator Co ) the heat stamp 4B indicates it was made in Feb 1941. Note the leather liner they used in their helmets. Images from an other source.
  8. Victory cup 61 was for Lt Algernon Frederick Baird flying Sopwith Pup B1795 of 46 Sqn shot down on 3rd Sept 1917 South of Bousbecque. Other Aircraft numbers on wall in photo relate to. A3340 - Bristol F.2a of 48 Sqn 3rd Apr 1917 his 35th victory flown by 2/Lt Arthur Norman Leckler ( W/POW ) and 2/Lt Herbert Duncan George ( KIA ). Shot down South of Douai. N5193 - Sopwith Pup of 8th RNAS 4th Jan 1917 his 16th victory flown by Flt/Lt Allen Switzer Todd ( CAN ) KIA shot down near Metz En Couture. A/1108 - Sopwith Strutter of 43rd Sqn 4th Mar 1917 23rd victory flown by 2/Lt Herbert John Green and 2/Lt Alexander William Reid MC both ( KIA ) Shot down South west of Arheville. A6382-F.E 2d of 25th Sqn 3rd Apr 1917 his 34th victory flow by 2/Lt Donald Peter McDonald ( POW ) and 2/Lt John O'Beirne ( KIA ) near Lieven.
  9. Very nice cap have always liked these type of caps.
  10. Unusual repair job to the chin strap mount any idea when this was done, does it look like a period repair.
  11. Welcome MacMac, could be the soldiers initials it's hard to say or the initials of a unit. yes I've seen helmets at high prices a lot depends on condition whether it's a rare maker stamp mark or an early made WW1 helmet, rare Regiment insignias, also help to push the prices up. It's all down to what a buyer is willing to pay for a certain helmet he has not got in his collection, personally I think a lot are well over priced. The helmet you have is a nice looking helmet, any chance of a closer photo of the helmet makers mark.
  12. I've seen adverts for repro Death Plaques and Scrolls, they look very good and they will add the name and details of your relative on them.
  13. Welcome to the forum, looks like German/Austrian City Fire Service helmet, Fritz might be able to help you with this one.
  14. Don't worry to much about who the makers are I know most of them on your list, if you like I will add them on for you.
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